Sterilizer and Autoclave Repair and Replacement Components

Kinematica HMC Feed Water Connection

Automatic water feed connection.

Kinematica HMC Vertical Autoclave Temperature Sensors

For the sterilization of liquids. Extremely flexible, mechanically and chemically resistant. Quick response, encapsulated, steam-tight.

Kinematica™ Sterilization Box

Sterilization Box for use with Fisherbrand STE40 Autoclave

Kinematica HMC Vertical Autoclave Air Filters

Exhaust air filter. Safety for individuals and the environment. Option for safe, emission-free sterilization of highly infectious germs and genetically modified materials. Not for applications requiring FDA approval.

Kinematica HMC Vertical Autoclave Air Cooling RL

Automatic air cooling decreaes turnaround time for busy applications.