Labconco™ Accessories for Labconco™ Kjeldahl Rapid Digester-25

Required for use with Labconco Rapid Digestors

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ One-Piece Scrubber Absorber Tube

Modified version of catalog number 180020 for arsine analysis

Parr™ General Purpose Acid Digestion Bombs Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Acid digestion bomb for organic and inorganic analytical samples

Foss™ Digestion System: Digestion Tubes

Straight-sided tubes recommended for the majority of digestion applications

Parr™ Acid Digestion Bomb Replacement Cups Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with Parr General Purpose Acid Digestion Bombs

Labconco™ Core Plate

Core plate supports the heater coils for Labconco Macro Kjeldahl Apparatus.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Dilatometer

Provides empirical measurement of solid fat content of shortenings, margarine oils, and other fats with solid index of 50 or less at 10°C

Labconco™ Kjeldahl Rapid Digestor-4

Digests all types of samples in about 25-45 minutes, depending on sample type and catalyst

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Scrubber Absorber Tube

For arsenic analysis using silver diethyldithiocarbamate (SDDC) colorimetric method

Labconco™ Kjeldahl Rapid Digestor-25

Extra-fast heating and cool-down time

Labconco™ Kjeldahl Micro Digestor

Individual electric heaters with adjustable controls

Labconco™ Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

Two-place Benchtop Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus

Labconco™ Crude Fiber Apparatus

Six 350-watt heaters for 600mL beakers

PYREX™ Folin-Wu Digestion Tube Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Fabricated from selected tubing for product durability

Labconco™ Glass Manifold

Make exhaustion of fumes from Kjeldahl digestions more convenient by adding a Labconco Glass Manifold to your system.

MilliporeSigma™ Spectroquant™ TR 420 Thermoreactor

Digest up to 24 samples simultaneously

Parr™ Microwave Acid Digestion Bomb Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For high-speed heating: 20- to 30-minute cycle time, including cooling.

Foss™ Exhaust Manifold for Digestors

Facilitate fume removal and containment

Scientific Device Snap n' Digest™ Digestion System

Simple and inexpensive fluid processing of mycobacterial specimens

Foss™ Kjeldahl Digestion Systems

Digestion units can be combined with a range of accessories to match individual needs. Auto models come include integrated programmable controllers.

Parr™ Cell Disruption Vessels Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Provides a gentle method for homgenizing or fractionating cells

Foss™ Digestion System: Scrubber Units: SR210, automatic version

For neutralization of corrosive fumes in acid digestions

Foss™ Water Cooled Condenser for 250 mL Digestion Tube

Replacement condenser for Tecator digestion systems