Portable Eyewash and Shower Fixtures

Honeywell™ Eyesaline™ Personal Eyewash Bottle Get IT Item

A Honewell Eyesaline™ Personal Eyewash Bottle provides immediate relief for eye injuries.

Medique fend-all™ EyeSaline™ Eye and Face Wash Station

Includes eye and skin irrigation solution bottles.

Bel-Art™ Eye Wash Safety Stations

The SP Scienceware™ Eye Wash Safety Stations offers built-in eye cup that allows the user to be treated in any position and provides effective and immediate eye irrigation.

Honeywell™ 2000 Emergency Eyewash Station

Delivers a steady, soft ribbon of 100% sterile saline from a 100% sterile delivery system

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Eye Wash Bottle Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only. Get IT Item

In an emergency, time matters. The SP Scienceware™ Eye Wash Bottle built-in eye cup provides immediate care.

Honeywell™ Fendall Porta Stream™ II Eyewash Station

Keep workers safe with the Honeywell Fendall Porta Stream™ II Eyewash Station, a totally self-contained station for areas without access to plumbed water.

Honeywell™ Eyesaline Personal Eyewash Bottles - Additional Sizes

Portable and readily available for use, these emergency eyewash bottles contain a buffered, saline solution that is sterile and superior to tap water for emergency.

Honeywell Safety Products™ Saline Wall Station Get IT Item

The Honewell Saline Wall Station is easily mounted in hazardous areas to provide immediate relief in case of eye injury.

Haws™ Portable Eyewash

Gravity-operated eyewash features a 9-gallon (34L) capacity, FDA approved high-density green polyethylene tank

Honeywell™ Fendall Porta Stream™ I Eyewash Station

Totally self-contained stations for areas without access to plumbed water

Honeywell™ Universal Eyewash Stand

For use with Fendall™ Pure Flow 1000™ and Fendall Porta Stream™ I, II and III portable eyewashes

Medique Medi-First™ Eye and Skin Station

For holding eye and skin irrigation solution bottles.

Honeywell™ Pure Flow 1000 Portable Emergency Eyewash Station

Self-contained, gravity-fed emergency eyewash

Fisherbrand™ Pressurized Eyewash with Drench Hose

During an eye-related emergency, time is important. The Bradley Pressurized Eyewash with Drench Hose is a self-contained portable eyewash station that provides an immediate supply of flushing liquid.

Speakman™ Gravityflo™ Gravity-Fed Portable Eyewash

Gravity-fed, portable eyewash with 79.5L (21 gallon) capacity

Encon™ Pressurized Personal Wash Station

Personal wash station with coiled 8 ft. (2.4m) hose

Encon™ Shower Head

Yellow ABS Shower Head

Encon™ Pressurized Wash Stations

Designed for use in areas where plumbed potable water is not available

Encon™ Wash Stations

Self contained and portable

Encon™ Gravity Fed Eyewashes

Provide relief fast in an emergency. The Encon Gravity Fed Eyewash is a self-contained, portable 14 gal. eyewash unit that delivers a non-injurious dual stream of water at a minimum volume of 0.4 gpm (1.5L/min.) for full 15 min. or longer.

Haws™ Portable Air-Charged Eyewash

Haws™ Portable Air-Charged Eyewash is a self-contained, pressurized, 15-gallon eyewash for facilities in locations without access to a continuous potable water source

Haws™ Portable Eyewashes

Ideal for remote locations

Raidians VisionAid™ Permanent Eyewash Stations

Gravity-fed self-contained primary emergency eyewash station

Haws™ 37-Gallon Portable Air Charged Eyewash

Haws™ 37-Gallon Portable Air Charged Eyewash includes a 6 foot hose that extends the body-spray reach, expanding the unit's protective capabilities