Complete Assembly SAR

3M™ Supplied-Air Respirator Air-Control Devices

Provide positive pressure and regulate the flow and temperature of compressed air

Bullard™ Free-Air™ Breathing Air Pumps

Portable, electric driven pumps

Scott Safety™ Ska-Pak™ Plus Supplied-Air Respirator

Lightweight system with streamlined design for entry into or escape from hazardous, confined space, or Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) situations

Scott Safety™ E-Z Airline™ Type C Respirator

Provides full-facepiece respiratory protection, for extended periods, from a remote source

Bullard™ Model 88VX Respirator

Provides comfortable, reliable respiratory protection for abrasive blasters and painters.

Bullard™ ICE Pump Assembly

Provides clean, breathable air to workers wearing Type C or CE Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator hoods or masks

Dräger™ PAS Colt Supplied Airline Respirators

Hip–mounted unit with a distinctive, sophisticated harness design that retains its form