First Aid Kits and Stations

Fisher Science Education™ Lab Safety Kits Products for Science Education

Help keep students safe when conducting experiments.

North Bulk First Aid Kits Products for Science Education

Designed for large facilities.

Medique Filled Two-Shelf Cabinet

For smaller industrial work settings.

North Bulk First Aid Kits Get IT Item

Designed for large facilities

Medique Filled Three-Shelf Cabinet

For small to medium industrial work settings.

Medique Filled Four-Shelf Cabinet

For medium-to-large industrial work settings.

North Compact First Aid Kit

Unique two-piece box container is an easy addition to glovebox, luggage, briefcase, or purse

North Bug X 30 Pump Spray

Protection from nature when working outdoors

Medique Disposable Emergency Rescue Blankets

Emergency preparedness requirement for evacuating burn victims.

North First Aid Kit Refills

Use these refill items to restock Fisher Scientific™ first aid kits and unitized North first aid kits

Medique Filled Handy Kit

Packed with essentials required for quick first aid response.

Medique Filled Five-Shelf Cabinet

For large industrial work settings.

North Redi-Care First Aid Kits

Lightweight and easy to tote

Medique Class B 50-Person First-Aid Kit

Provides first aid for up to 50 people.

Medique Emergency Fire and Rescue Blankets

Mylar foil material assists in body heart retention in emergencies.

Medique Large Vehicle Kit

Packed with first aid products to assist with any accident.

Medique Heat Relief Kit

Helps lower core body temperature and rehydrate.

North Water-Jel Emergency Burn Care Products for Science Education

Biodegradable, bacteriostatic and water soluble, Water-Jel immediately cools skin, relieves pain and protects burn against contamination.

Medique Medi-First™ Multi-Purpose 120-Piece First-Aid Kit

For any home and office or construction sites.

Medique Medi-First™ 50-Person Kit

Provides first aid for up to 50 people.

Medique Medi-First™ Multi-Purpose Consumer First-Aid Kit

For any home and office or sports activity.

North O/H Pak First Aid Cabinets

Easily wall mounted to provide a centralized location for medical supplies