Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer Diagnostics Molded 1-Piece Tissue Cassettes (Slat Holes) - Taped Stacks

Optimal polymer technology resistant to all chemicals

Cancer Diagnostics Vortex™ Biopsy Micro Cassettes

Used for routine processing and embedding of tissues and cells during histological studies

Cancer Diagnostics Molded 1-Piece Biopsy Cassettes (Square Holes) - Taped

Taped cassettes optimized for automated cassette printers

Cancer Diagnostics Molded Biopsy Micro Cassettes (Mesh) - Taped

Molded mesh for ultimate biopsy security

Cancer Diagnostics Reverse Hinged Biopsy Cassettes (Square Holes) - Taped

Optimal printing surface for all markers and automated instruments

Cancer Diagnostics Cleanerol™

Base mold release agent

Cancer Diagnostic Tissue Marking Dyes

Formulated to be used without a mordant

Cell Safe Biopsy Capsule

Fits inside any cassette

Cancer Diagnostics Processing Cassettes (Round Hole) - Taped

Designed for use with all industry metal lids

Cancer Diagnostics™ DeOderol Deodorizing Spray

Spray anywhere to neutralize odor

Cancer Diagnostics Ultraffin™ Ultra-Purified Histology Paraffin Wax

High performance paraffin for all processors

Cancer Diagnostics Finger Scalpels

Increase safety and efficiency

Cancer Diagnostics Eosin Y Histology Secondary Stain

Used in histology for routine hematoxylin and eosin staining

Cancer Diagnostics Hematoxylin Staining Reagents

Used in progressive method for histology and cytology preparations

i-Shields™ Eyeshields and Frames

Can be worn with a surgical mask.

Cancer Diagnostics Vortex™ Biopsy Cassettes

Used for routine processing and embedding of tissues and cells during histological studies

Eosin Y, Cancer Diagnostics

CAS: 1737-87-1 CAS: 64-17-5 CAS: 67-56-1 CAS: 67-63-0 CAS: 17372-87-1 Physical Form: Liquid

Cancer Diagnostics Bio Board

Ideal for routine grossing, frozen sections, and photography

Cancer Diagnostics bevel HD Low Profile Coated Microtome Blades

outperforms your current low profile blade, everytime, every cut

Cancer Diagnostics™ Inc.-Rovers, Cervex-Brush Original Cervical Broom

Ideal for use in collecting OBGYN specimens for liquid base cytology procedures

Fusion Micro Scalpel

Turns microtome blades into a knife