Cancer Diagnostics Reverse Hinged Biopsy Cassettes (Square Holes) - Taped

Optimal printing surface for all markers and automated instruments

Cancer Diagnostics Molded 1-Piece Tissue Cassettes (Slat Holes) - Taped Stacks

Optimal polymer technology resistant to all chemicals

Cancer Diagnostics Molded 1-Piece Biopsy Cassettes (Square Holes) - Taped

Taped cassettes optimized for automated cassette printers

Cancer Diagnostics Vortex™ Biopsy Micro Cassettes

Used for routine processing and embedding of tissues and cells during histological studies

Cancer Diagnostic Tissue Marking Dyes

Formulated to be used without a mordant

Cancer Diagnostics Molded Biopsy Micro Cassettes (Mesh) - Taped

Molded mesh for ultimate biopsy security

Cancer Diagnostics Ultraffin™ Ultra-Purified Histology Paraffin Wax

High performance paraffin for all processors

Cancer Diagnostics Vortex™ Biopsy Cassettes

Used for routine processing and embedding of tissues and cells during histological studies

Cancer Diagnostics™ Inc.-Rovers, Cervex-Brush Original Cervical Broom

Ideal for use in collecting OBGYN specimens for liquid base cytology procedures

Cancer Diagnostics Processing Cassettes (Round Hole) - Taped

Designed for use with all industry metal lids

Eosin Y, Cancer Diagnostics

CAS: 1737-87-1 CAS: 64-17-5 CAS: 67-56-1 CAS: 67-63-0 CAS: 17372-87-1 Physical Form: Liquid

i-Shields™ Eyeshields and Frames

Can be worn with a surgical mask.

Cancer Diagnostics Finger Scalpels

Increase safety and efficiency

Cancer Diagnostics Cleanerol™

Base mold release agent

ClearLITE™ Plus Faceshield

Lightweight and comfortable for extended work sessions

Cancer Diagnostics Cytology Staining Reagents

For use in routine cytoplasmic staining

Cancer Diagnostics Nylon Mesh Biopsy Bags

Reduce cross-contamination

Cancer Diagnostics bevel HD Low Profile Coated Microtome Blades

outperforms your current low profile blade, everytime, every cut

Cell Safe Biopsy Capsule

Fits inside any cassette

Cancer Diagnostics™ DeOderol Deodorizing Spray

Spray anywhere to neutralize odor

Fusion Micro Scalpel

Turns microtome blades into a knife

Cancer Diagnostics Hematoxylin Staining Reagents

Used in progressive method for histology and cytology preparations