Excelta Corporation

Excelta™ X-Large Oval Flush Cutter

Made of carbon tool steel

Excelta™ Flat Nose Pliers

Have ESD-safe handles with cushioned grip

Excelta™ Lazer Line™ Medium Flush Cutter

Made of carbon tool steel with induction hardened cutting blades to RHC 63-65

Excelta™ Precision Fine Tip Wire Cutters

Features set-screw to prolong cutting life and prevent over-travel of cutting blades

Excelta™ Laser Line Medium Head Cutters

Small head shape allows better access while cutting in tight spaces

Excelta™ Serrated Locking Hemostat

Available in Straight/Curved shape

Excelta™ Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter

Offers a smooth clean cut on plastic tubing and soft cables

Excelta™ Lazer Line™ Medium Tapered Relieved Flush Cutter

Made of carbon tool steel with induction hardened cutting blades to RHC 63-65

Excelta™ Six-Piece Jewelers Screwdriver Set

Three star six-piece jewelers' precision miniature screwdriver set

Excelta™ Micro Tip Probes

With smallest available tips for SMT and other micro assembly applications

Excelta™ High Precision Loupes

Two-element optical glass construction

Excelta™ 24-Piece Dissection Kit

The kit comes in a zippered vinyl black case.

Excelta™ 30° Curved Serrated Mosquito Clamp

Used to clamp small blood vessels.

Excelta™ Copolymer Tip Tweezers

Stainless-steel screw-on replaceable tips

Excelta™ Wafer-Handling Tweezers for 6 in. Wafers

Resistant to many acids because of high concentration of molybdenum

Excelta™ Reverse-Action Stainless Steel Tweezers

Tweezers designed to hold objects without finger strain

Excelta™ Plastic Tweezers

For general precision handling without metal contact

Excelta™ Precision Tweezers with Very Fine Points

For general assembly or light magnification

Excelta™ MP Mirror Polished Forceps

High-quality noncorrosive stainless steel and antimagnetic

Excelta™ Miniature Tweezers

The shorter length of these tweezers makes them well suited to the limited working area of a microscope

Excelta™ Two Star Ergonomic Tweezers/Forceps

Feature ESD-safe 1010 foam grips to provide relief from hand fatigue