Excelta Corporation

Excelta™ Laser Line Medium Head Cutters

Small head shape allows better access while cutting in tight spaces

Excelta™ Serrated Locking Hemostat

Available in Straight/Curved shape

Excelta™ Round Large Head Wire Cutters

For fine cutting of medium leads and wires

Excelta™ 7000 Series Precision Wire Cutters With Angled Head

Features set-screw to prolong cutting life and prevent over-travel of cutting blades

Excelta™ Shear Carbon Steel Cutter

Reduces both cutting effort and mechanical shock transmitted to component

Excelta™ Flat Nose Pliers

Have ESD-safe handles with cushioned grip

Excelta™ Six-Piece Jewelers Screwdriver Set

Three star six-piece jewelers' precision miniature screwdriver set

Excelta™ Fine Tip Probes

For dense boards and hard to reach areas, suitable for SMT and other micro assembly applications

Excelta™ 30° Curved Serrated Mosquito Clamp

Used to clamp small blood vessels.

Excelta™ Fine Tip Probes

For microassembly under magnification

Excelta™ High Precision Loupes

Two-element optical glass construction

Excelta™ Straight Mosquito Clamp

Used to clamp small blood vessels.

Excelta™ Medium Bent Nose Stainless Steel Pliers

Has dual leaf springs for smooth action

Excelta™ Needle Nose Pliers

Offers ergonomically designed ESD safe handles

Excelta™ Duckbill Point Tweezers

Used for handling labels and SMD components

Excelta™ Ergonomic Tweezers/Forceps

Designed for better control

Excelta™ General-Purpose Tweezers with Straight Tips

Serrated design for better grip and handling

Excelta™ Chrome Vanadium Tools

Feature ESD Safe cushion grips

Excelta™ Reverse-Action Tweezers

Tweezers designed to hold objects without finger strain

Excelta™ Medical-Grade Scissors

Made of 316L stainless steel

Excelta™ Handi-Vac Mini-Vacuum Pickup Set

Simple and easy-to-use vacuum pick-up-tool

Excelta™ Adson Tissue Forceps with 1 x 2 Teeth

Used for holding and manipulating delicate tissues.

Excelta™ Wafer-Handling Tweezers for 3 in. Wafers

Resistant to many acids because of high concentration of molybdenum

Excelta™ 90° Bent Eye Dressing Forceps

Used for holding dressing materials during ophthalmic procedures.