Excelta™ Scalpel Handle

Outside finger serrations for grip

Excelta™ Fine Tip Probes

For dense boards and hard to reach areas, suitable for SMT and other micro assembly applications

Excelta™ Extreme Precision Heat-Resistant Cleaning Brushes

With soft non-shedding nylon fibers set into Delrin handles for working on delicate parts

Excelta™ 7000 Series Precision Wire Cutters With Angled Head

Features set-screw to prolong cutting life and prevent over-travel of cutting blades

Excelta™ Scalpel Blades

High precision stainless steel

Excelta™ Wafer-Handling Tweezers for 3 in. Wafers

Resistant to many acids because of high concentration of molybdenum

Excelta™ Mini Probes

For working under magnification

Excelta™ Large Oval Flush Cutter

Made of carbon tool steel

Excelta™ High-Precision ESD Safe Brushes

Bristles are mechanically clamped into handle for maximum fiber retention without use of adhesives that could contaminate work areas

Excelta™ Precision Tweezers With Curved Tips and Fine Serrated Points

Used under magnification for difficult access areas

Excelta™ Laser Line Medium Head Cutters

Small head shape allows better access while cutting in tight spaces

Excelta™ Round Large Head Wire Cutters

For fine cutting of medium leads and wires

Excelta™ Precision Tweezers with Very Fine Points

For general assembly or light magnification

Excelta™ Extreme Precision Instrument Cleaning Brushes

Designed for general cleaning in tight areas

Excelta™ Duckbill Point Tweezers

Used for handling labels and SMD components

Excelta™ Self-Opening Scissors

With simple squeeze action for precision cutting applications

Excelta™ COBALTIMA™ Miniature Tweezers

With ultra fine tips suited for work under microscopes

Excelta™ Micro Spatulas

Can be used to apply lubricants to small moving parts

Excelta™ Miniature Tweezers

The shorter length of these tweezers makes them well suited to the limited working area of a microscope

Excelta™ Fine Tip Probes

For microassembly under magnification

Excelta™ Ergonomic Tweezers/Forceps

Designed for better control

Excelta™ Wafer-Handling Tweezers for 5 in. Wafers

Resistant to many acids because of high concentration of molybdenum

Excelta™ Medium Bent Nose Stainless Steel Pliers

Has dual leaf springs for smooth action

Excelta™ PEEK Tipped Tweezers

Highly resistant to chemicals and solvents

Excelta™ X-Large Oval Flush Cutter

Made of carbon tool steel