Excelta Corporation

Excelta™ General-Purpose Tweezers o

Feature serrated tips, finger serrations for better control and very strong points

Excelta™ Pocket Beeper Continuity Tester

For quick discernment of point-to-point continuity in production and field service applications

Excelta™ Scalpel Blades

High precision stainless steel

Excelta™ Chain Nose Pliers

With radiused edges to reduce scratching and marring of delicate leads

Excelta™ Extreme Precision Instrument Cleaning Brushes

Designed for general cleaning in tight areas

Excelta™ High Precision Angulated Cutting Tweezers: Carbon Steel

With ESD-safe coating to prevent surface rust

Excelta Corp Excelta™ Zirconia Ceramic Ultra Precision Replacement Tips for 3C-CE-ESD Tweezers

Set of replacement tips for 3C-CE-ESD Zirconia ceramic tweezers

Excelta™ General-Purpose Tweezers with Straight Tips

Serrated design for better grip and handling

Excelta™ Needle Nose Pliers

Offers ergonomically designed ESD safe handles

Excelta™ High Precision Loupes

Two-element optical glass construction

Excelta Corp Excelta™ High Precision Tweezer with Reverse-Action Carbofib Replaceable Tip

High precision tweezers feature a replaceable reverse action curved tip comprised of a PTFE-based material

Excelta™ PEEK Tipped Tweezers

Highly resistant to chemicals and solvents

Excelta™ Ergonomic Tweezers/Forceps

Designed for better control

Excelta™ Electronic Style Tweezers with Oft Oblique Tips

Designed for use under magnification for difficult access areas

Excelta™ Micro Spatulas

Can be used to apply lubricants to small moving parts

Excelta™ Roto-Pic Vacuum System Tips

For handling small parts

Excelta™ Duckbill Point Tweezers

Used for handling labels and SMD components

Excelta™ X-Large Oval Flush Cutter

Made of carbon tool steel

Excelta™ Cobaltima™ Forceps with Extreme Fine Points

With ultra fine tips that are suited for microscopy

Excelta™ Carbofib-Tip Stainless Steel Tweezers

For safe handling of delicate parts