Excelta™ Wafer-Handling Tweezers for 5 in. Wafers

Resistant to many acids because of high concentration of molybdenum

Excelta™ Precision Tweezers with Very Fine Points

For general assembly or light magnification

Excelta™ Roto-Pic Vacuum Systems

For vacuum pick-up of chips, wafers

Excelta™ Two Star Ergonomic Tweezers/Forceps

Feature ESD-safe 1010 foam grips to provide relief from hand fatigue

Excelta™ Precision Long Slim Tweezers with Very Fine Tips

Extra length for working in a limited access area

Excelta™ Electronic Style Tweezers with Straight Tips with Medium Serrated Points

With inside and outside serrations for easy gripping and handling of small parts

Excelta™ Precision Tweezers with Curved Tips

For dfficult access areas that cannot be accessed with a standard straight tweezer

Excelta™ Roto-Pic Vacuum System Vacuum Cup Kit

Silicone rubber cups have brass fittings

Excelta™ Duckbill Point Tweezers

Used for handling labels and SMD components

Excelta™ High-Precision ESD Safe Brushes

Bristles are mechanically clamped into handle for maximum fiber retention without use of adhesives that could contaminate work areas

Excelta™ Plastic Tweezers

For general precision handling without metal contact

Excelta™ General-Purpose Tweezers with Strong Tips

Designed to be used without magnification

Excelta™ Titanium Alloy Tweezers

Nonmagnetic tweezers

Excelta™ Cobaltima™ Forceps with Extreme Fine Points

With ultra fine tips that are suited for microscopy

Excelta™ General-Purpose Tweezers with Straight Tips

Serrated design for better grip and handling

Excelta™ Reverse-Action Stainless Steel Tweezers

Tweezers designed to hold objects without finger strain

Excelta™ Laser Line Medium Head Cutters

Small head shape allows better access while cutting in tight spaces

Excelta™ Needle Nose Pliers

Offers ergonomically designed ESD safe handles

Excelta™ High Precision Angulated Cutting Tweezers: Carbon Steel

With ESD-safe coating to prevent surface rust

Excelta™ Miniature Pliers

Designed for handling very small items

Excelta™ Angulated Stripping Tweezers

Three Star angled stripping tweezers strips insulated and coated wire exactly to AWG gauge without nicking

Excelta Corp Excelta™ Neverust Stainless Steel Replaceable Carbofib Tip Tweezers

Stainless steel, anti-magnetic paddle tweezers feature 1mm (0.039 in.) hole in the tips

Excelta™ Fine Tip Probes

For dense boards and hard to reach areas, suitable for SMT and other micro assembly applications

Excelta™ MP Mirror Polished Forceps

High-quality noncorrosive stainless steel and antimagnetic