Moldex Metric Inc.

Moldex™ PlugStation™ Corded Ear Plug Dispenser

Easy, convenient access to hearing protection will help ensure that the earplugs are being used and will save time.

Moldex™ Pura-Fit™ Disposable Ear Plugs

Pura-Fit™ ear plugs are tapered and have a longer shape for easier insertion and grasping . Special foam is formulated for softness and comfort.

Moldex™ PlugStation™ Ear Plug Dispenser

Wall-mountable dispenser puts ear plugs in easy reach

Moldex™ N95 Healthcare Particulate Respirators/Surgical Masks

For use in healthcare, hospitals, schools and more

Moldex™ Magnetic Bracket For PlugStation™

Attach magnetic bracket to any metallic surface – supply cabinets, snack machines, lockers, etc.

Moldex™ Special Ops Series Camo Earmuff

Camouflage color and a sleek, curvy shape

Moldex™ N95 Disposable Particulate Respirators

Shell resists collapsing, even in heat and humidity so the respirator holds its shape longer

Moldex™ Glide™ Foam No Roll Twist-In Ear Plugs

Glide™ Trio’s unique multi-curved stem rotates for a custom fit inside each ear canal. Simply push and twist to angle desired fit.

Moldex™ Multi-Position Earmuff

Adjustable earmuffs

Moldex™ SparkPlugs™ Disposable Ear Plugs

Multi-colored SparkPlugs™ ear plugs are made of extra-soft, extra light foam. Tapered shape fits easily in the ear canal to seal gently and comfortably.

Moldex™ Preassembled 8000 Series Half-Mask Respirators with Cartridges

Conform easily to facial contours for a comfortable fit

Moldex™ HandyStrap™ Series Particulate Respirators

Buckle allows mask to hang around neck when not in use

Moldex™ N95 AirWave™ Disposable Respirator with Nuisance OV/Ozone Relief

Allows more airflow in and out for cool comfort and easier breathing

Moldex™ Rockets™ Metal Detectable Reusable Ear Plugs

Rockets™ metal detectable reusable ear plugs are designed to give a secure grip when handling so they easily slip into the ear. Triple-flange design provides maximum comfort for all day wear.

Moldex™ Mellows™ Disposable Ear Plugs

Mellows™ disposable ear plugs are made of extra-soft, extra-light foam and are appropriate for mid- to high-level noise areas.

Moldex™ M2800 Special Ops™ Series N95 Respirator

Solid black color stays clean-looking longer

Moldex™ N95 Series AirWave™ Particulate Respirators

Allows more airflow in and out for cool comfort and easier breathing

Moldex™ 8000 Series Half-Mask Facepieces

Soft, durable facepiece confroms to the contours of the face without pressure points to provide long lasting comfort

Moldex™ Softies™ Disposable Ear Plugs

Softies™ disposable ear plugs are made of extra-soft, extra-light foam allowing a gentle seal and comfortable fit.