Dissection Pans and Pads Products for Science Education

Keep specimens looking fresh between dissection periods.

Cooper™ Wiss™ Straight-Cut Tinner's Snips

Cut straight and wide curves

Nasco Basic Aquarium Plant Set Products for Science Education

For 10-gal. aquarium.

Nasco Hydra Products for Science Education

Choose from brown or mixed brown and green hydra.

Nasco Coliwasa Composite Liquid Waste Sampler Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Permits representative sampling of multiphase wastes for a wide range of viscosity, corrosivity, volatility and solids content

Nasco Small Potted Ferns Products for Science Education

Ideal classroom lab study.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Sterile Filter Bags for Lab Blenders Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Filter solids out of a sample when using a homoginizer blender. Whirl-Pak™ Sterile Filter Bags for Lab Blenders contain a finely perforated middle layer to filter solids. They feature puncture proof tabs that help form a leak free closure.

Cooper™ Ball Pein Hammers

For striking chisels and punches, and for riveting, shaping, and straightening unhardened metal

Sprayon™ Food Grade Silicone Lubricant

Colorless, odorless low-viscosity lubricant

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Easy-To-Close Bags Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Features puncture proof tabs for protection from damage due to wire-end protrusion. Nasco™ Whirl-Pak™ Easy-To-Close Bags are ideal for sampling and product analysis.

Master™ HG Heat Gun™

Powerful high speed universal motor

Irwin™ Vise-Grip™ GrooveLock™ Pliers

Quick adjusting Press-N-Slide button quickly adjusts lower jaw up to 50% faster

Permatex™ Anti-Seize Lubricant

Heavy-duty blend of aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants in a petroleum base

Nasco Platyhelminthes Products for Science Education

Hand-sorted to provide maximum size available.

Nasco Life/form™ Complete Adult CRiSis™ Manikin Products for Science Education

Practice different scenarios on this complete resuscitation system featuring five stations.

Sprayon™ Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser

An outstanding biodegradable heavy-duty, multi-purpose degreaser and graffiti remover

Whirl-Pak™ Carrying Racks Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For transporting and using sample-filled bags in laboratories

Nasco Swing Samplers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Specially designed for collecting samples from a horizontal flowing stream

Gatorade™ Thirst Quencher Drinks, Liquid Concentrate

Carbohydrate-electrolyte fluid-replacement drink scientifically designed for people who engage in strenuous activity

Anchor Wire Scratch Brushes

Outwork and outlast so-called economy brushes

Nasco Lichen Set Products for Science Education

Basic laboratory exercises for 10-12 students.

Nasco Mealworm Study Kit Products for Science Education

Easy to raise, maintain, and are safe to handle.

Bostik™ Never-Seez™ Regular-Grade Anti-Seize and Lubricating Compound

Formulated with copper, graphite, aluminum and other ingredients to protect metal parts against rust, corrosion and seizure up to 1800°F

Komelon™ MagGrip™ Tapes

Heavy-duty nylon coated blades for maximum durability

Nasco Life/form™ Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm Products for Science Education

A revolutionary training arm providing complete venous access for IV therapy and phlebotomy, as well as sites for intramuscular and intradermal injections.