SciQuest™ Classroom Weather Kit Products for Science Education

Middle school students learn weather phenomena!

Adjustable C-Clamps

With thread locking

Dissection Pans and Pads Products for Science Education

Keep specimens looking fresh between dissection periods.

Allen™ Long-Arm Hex Key Sets

Resist rotational distortion

Empire™ 3 Line Spirit Level

Lightweight, plastic construction minimizes line sag

Cooper™ Wiss™ Straight-Cut Tinner's Snips

Cut straight and wide curves

Tesa™ GP Masking Tape

Solvent rubber adhesive and conformable paper backing

Fantastic™ All-Purpose Cleaner

Ready to use for fast-effective cleaning on most washable surfaces

Anchor Multi-Use Tarpaulins

Sun and fade resistant

Empire™ Plumb Bob

Ties easily to any string or line

Irwin™ Vise-Grip™ GrooveLock™ Pliers

Quick adjusting Press-N-Slide button quickly adjusts lower jaw up to 50% faster

Gatorade™ Thirst Quencher Drinks, Instant Powder Packets

Carbohydrate-electrolyte fluid-replacement drink scientifically designed for people who engage in strenuous activity

Stanley™ Proto™ Long Hex Key Set

Rust-resistant finish

CCI™ Polar/Solar™ Extension Cord

Oil-, weather- and chemical-resistant 12-gauge extension cord

Nasco Sludge Judge™ Liquid Samplers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Made from rigid plastic tubing in three 5 ft. (1.53m) sections, provides maximum strength for liquid sampling at long distances

Anchor Wire Scratch Brushes

Outwork and outlast so-called economy brushes

Intertape™ GP Vinyl Electrical Tape

PVC electrical insulation tape

Klein™ 7-Piece Screwdriver Set with Cushioned Handles

Screwdriver handles have high quality cushion-grips

ChannelLock™ Adjustable Wrenches

Perfectly parallel jaw surfaces

ChannelLock™ Box Joint Cutting Pliers

Perfectly mated laser heat-treated cutter

Nasco Aquarium Aquatic Plant Set Products for Science Education

For 5 to 20-gal. aquarium.

Nasco Common Liverwort Products for Science Education

Ideal for laboratory studies.

Nasco Swing Samplers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Specially designed for collecting samples from a horizontal flowing stream

Gatorade™ Coolers

Keep drinks cooler, longer

Klein™ Wire Strippers

Make clean cuts with little effort