National Marker Co.

National Marker™ Biohazard: Authorized Personnel Only Sign

Sign for hazardous areas are emphasized by graphic

National Marker™ Chemical Hazard Identification Labels

High visibility red-and-white pressure-sensitive vinyl labels ideal for alerting employees to potential chemical hazards in the workplace

National Marker™ Biohazard: No Food or Drink to be Stored Sign

Warns employees to not use refrigerator for food or drink

National Marker™ No Smoking Sign

Alerts employees and guests to non-smoking policy within a facility

National Marker™ Biohazard Signs

Properly labeled signs for entrances to hazardous areas

National Marker™ Visi-Sign™ Wall Signs

3-D signs project at a 45° angle from the wall to provide 180° visibility

National Marker™ Biohazard: Caution Biological Hazard Sign

Emphasizes safety message with the use of a biohazard graphic