National Marker Co.

National Marker™ Chemical Hazard Identification Labels

High-visibility red-and-white pressure-sensitive vinyl labels ideal for alerting employees to potential chemical hazards in the workplace

National Marker™ Biohazard: No Food or Drink to be Stored Sign

Warns employees to not use refrigerator for food or drink

National Marker™ Biohazard: Sharps Sign

Sign for entrances of hazardous areas with sharps waste

National Marker Biohazard Labels

Small labels serving as visual reminders of biohazards

National Marker Barricade Tapes

Quick and effective way to create a visual fortress around temporary hazards

National Marker DOT Shipping Labels

For marking packages with hazardous materials

National Marker™ Colored Delineator Tape

Clear laminate on tape surface resists abrasion, dirt, oil, and chemicals

Hazardous Materials Classification Reference Products for Science Education

Hazmat chart is perfect for training or quick reference.

National Marker™ Visi-Sign™ Wall Signs

3-D signs project at a 45° angle from the wall to provide 180° visibility

National Marker Stick-on Numbers and Symbols for Vinyl and Paper Write-On HMIG Labels

Stick-on personal protection numbers and symbols made from pressure-sensitive vinyl printed with fade-resistant UV ink

National Marker™ No Smoking Sign

Alerts employees and guests to non-smoking policy within a facility

National Marker™ Biohazard: Use Universal Precautions Sign

Sign for hazardous areas advising standard precautions