Acorn™ Temp 6 RTD Thermometer

Compact, rugged meters with splash-resistant membrane keypad

Cole-Parmer™ Probes for Oakton™ Dual-Input J, K, T, E† Thermocouple Thermometer

Designed to measure the temperature at the surface without perpetrating the material. Cole-Parmer™ Probes for Oakton™ Thermocouple Thermometers are ideal for monitoring flat surfaces such as hot plates, furnaces or molds.

Oakton™ Big Display Double-Junction Waterproof ORPTestr™ 10

Pocket ORP meter with exrtra-large display and replaceable double-junction electrode

Digi-Sense J, K, T Thermocouple Thermometers

Heavy-duty thermometer offers versatility and accuracy in a compact design

Oakton™ Waterproof Big Display pH Spear

Pocket pH meter with spear tip for soft solids

Oakton™ Waterproof CON 450 Portable Conductivity Meter

Rugged, reliable and accurate meter at an economical price!

Oakton™ Replacement Electrode for pH Spear

Replacement sharp tip, double junction electrode measures solids or semi-solids.

Techne™ Hybridization Incubator Accessory, Tubes

Versatile multiple tube formats; mix and match sizes within an instrument to cater for different throughputs, users and applications. Glass hybridization tubes reduce volumes, simplify washing and improve signals

Oakton™ Waterproof pH 150 Portable Meter

Rugged, reliable and accurate meter to measure pH, mV and temperature

Oakton™ EcoTestr pH Products for Science Education

The EcoTestr pH1 and EcoTester pH2 — new and economical quality pH testers designed for fuss-free pH measurements.

Oakton™ Waterproof CON 150 Portable Conductivity Meter

Rugged, reliable and accurate meter at an economical price!

Oakton™ Waterproof Big Display phTestr™ 10

Pocket pH meter with large display makes taking readings easy

Temp 10 Datalogging Thermocouple Thermometer

Logs up to 2,000 sets of readings in real time with time and date stamp

Cole Parmer Masterflex™ Standard Pump Head for Precision L/S™ tubing

Ideal for accurate and repeatable fluid transfer applications

Wall-Mount Thermohygrometers Products for Science Education

Easy-to-read dial indicators for both humidity and temperature.

Oakton™ Replacement Sensor for Waterproof pHTestr™

Replacement sensor for WP pHTestr 3, 3+, 10, 20, and 30.

Masterflex™ PharMed™ BPT L/S™ Precision Pump Tubing

Use this tubing for cell and tissue culture work and pharmaceutical applications. Masterflex™ PharMed™ BPT L/S™ Precision Pump Tubing resists acids, alkalies, oxidizing agents, and animal and vegetable oils. Tubing is heat-sealable, bondable and formable. Good for light-sensitive samples.

Replacement Reagents for Oakton™ Colorimeters

Supply of reagent to perform 50 tests

Oakton™ TDSTestr™ 11 and ECTestr™ 11 Series

Versatile, waterproof pocket testers that float

Techne™ Mel-Temp™ Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Accommodates three melting point capillaries of up to 2mm O.D

Cole Parmer™ Stuart SMP50 Automatic Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Ideal for pharmaceutical, raw material, and quality control applications.

Techne™ Electrothermal™ RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station System

Designed for continous 24 hour heating and agitation

Techne™ 5Prime Thermal Cyclers

Delivers both high performance and high throughput to provide maximum flexibility when processing large number of samples in parallel and ability to upgrade base model to gradient capability

Cole Parmer Gilmont™ Flowmeter Tripod

Ideal for use with all Gilmont™ shielded industrial flowmeter.

Oakton™ Waterproof Big Display pHTestr™ 20

High ±0.01 pH accuracy in a waterproof pocket-sized instrument