Owen Mumford, Inc.

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Dual Single-Use Safety Lancets

For high flow fingersticks and low flow heelsticks

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Single-Use Safety Lancets

Unique design features a side release button and pre-set lancet speed to ensure maximum comfort for patient and healthcare worker

Owen Mumford™ Lancet Kit

Dual-purpose, pocket-size neuropathy screening device provides a safe and reliable force

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Safety Lancets

Feature unique Comfort Zone™ technology that allows ultimate control and comfort when lancing

Owen Mumford Unifine™ SafeControl™ Safety Pen Needle

The next generation safety pen needle providing both safety and control featuring dual-protection on both ends, protecting both the patient and healthcare professional, and a visible needle to help prevent premature activation and provide confidence in dose-delivery.

Owen Mumford Unistik™ Pro Single Use Safety Lancet

Featuring a syringe-like grip and a push-button design, Unistik™ Pro offers a reliable blood sampling solution that’s ergonomic, intuitive and affordable.

Owen Mumford Peezy™ Midstream Urine Specimen Collection Device

Designed to obtain a midstream clean catch sample helping reduce specimen contamination leading to more accurate results, diagnosis and treatment.

Owen Mumford Unistik™ Touch Single Use Safety Lancet

Designed to make blood sampling easy for the healthcare professional and more comfortable for the patient. Touch activation ensures that the device requires minimal training and can be used in three easy steps.

Owen Mumford™ Unilet™ ComforTouch™ Lancets

Designed to work with capillary lancing devices to provide a more comfortable blood sampling experience

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