Protective Industrial Products, Inc.

PIP™ Excalibur™ Nitrile-Coated Cotton Gloves with Mesh Backs

Ideal for handling metal or wood sheets and objects and general maintenance

PIP™ Brown Jersey Gloves

Excellent for cold applications

PIP™ Falcon™ PVC/Polyester Rainwear

Ideal for construction, municipalities, shipyards, agriculture chemical spraying and industrial plant maintenance

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 18mil Latex Gloves, Unlined

Rolled beaded cuff prevents tearing and improves donning and doffing

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 28mil Heavy Duty Latex Gloves, Flock Lined

Provide extended wear and greater chemical resistance

PIP™ Cowhide Work Gloves

Consistent grading and superior workmanship

Bouton™ Softsides Cover Chemical Splash Goggles

For chemical splash protection

PROTECTIVE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS INC PIP™ ATG™ MaxiFlex™ Cut™ Micro-Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves

Choose a glove for precision handling in dry environments. The PIP™ ATG™ MaxiFlex™ Cut™ Micro-Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves use unique high-performance yarns and fibers developed using CutTech technology to offer cut protection.

PIP™ PowerGrab Thermo Hi-Vis Orange Gloves

Excellent thermal insulation

PIP™ Eva™ Women's Pink Safety Glasses Get IT Item

Specially designed for women's facial structures

PIP™ G-Tek™ MaxiFlex™ III Plus Gloves

Offer excellent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility

PIP™ CleanTeam™ 30-LayerContamination Control Mats

Reduce footborne dust and particulates

PIP™ Ambi-dex™ Premium Industrial Grade Vinyl Gloves

Ideal for food handling, pharmaceuticals, laboratories and electronics

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 11mil Lightweight Nitrile Gloves, Unlined

Provides protection from chemical and physical hazards

PIP™ Cut-resistant Dyneema™ Sleeves

Ideal for food processing, electronics manufacturing, glass cutting, paper processing

PIP™ Temp-Gard™ Extreme Temperature Apron

Black silicone apron protects torso and upper legs in extreme temperature conditions

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 22mil Medium and Heavy-weight Nitrile Gloves

Resistant to physical and chemical hazards such as cut, puncture, solvents and oil based chemicals

PIP™ MaxiFlex™ Nylon, Micro-Foam Nitrile Grip Gloves: Coated Palm

Breathable gloves incorporates raised micro dots to increase durability and offer more cushioning

PIP™ Great White Dyneema™ and Lycra™ Gloves Get IT Item

Dyneema/Lycra blend material with polyurethane coated palm and fingers