Protective Industrial Products, Inc.

PIP™ Bouton™ Optical Dual Lens Goggles

Provide the ultimate anti-fog protection for any work environment. PIP™ Bouton™ Optical Dual Lens Goggles prevent fogging by separating the air temperature from body heat. They feature a foam padded surface for a comfortable seal and elastic or neoprene headbands.


Developed for people working with chemicals while also requiring a level of cut protection

PIP™ ArmorFlex™ Nitrile-Coated Gloves

Lightweight and comfortable protection

PIP™ G-Tek™ CR Ultra Cut-Resistant Gloves

Gray spun Dyneema™ and nylon shell

PIP™ Kut-Gard™ Kevlar™ Gloves with PVC Dots

Dupont™ Kevlar brand fiber provides high tensile strength relative to its weight—up to five times stronger than steel

PIP™ CleanTeam™ Cotton Lisle Inspection Gloves

Ideal for inspection and electronics assembly or as liners under disposable and unsupported, liquid-proof gloves

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 18mil Latex Gloves, Unlined

Rolled beaded cuff prevents tearing and improves donning and doffing

PIP™ Brown Jersey Gloves

Excellent for cold applications

PIP™ Marigold Industrial™ Heavyweight Flock-Lined Latex Gloves

Provide economical liquidproof protection

PIP™ Assurance™ Unsupported 15mil Medium and Heavy-weight Nitrile Gloves, Flock-Lined

Provide protection from physical and chemical hazards such as cut, puncture, solvents and oil-based chemicals

PIP™ Falcon™ PVC/Polyester Rainwear

Ideal for construction, municipalities, shipyards, agriculture chemical spraying and industrial plant maintenance

PIP™ Maximum Safety™ Antivibration Gloves

Half-finger antivibration gloves absorb impact, dampening shocks to the joints of the hand

PIP™ Clear Polyethylene Sleeves

Use for food handling and preparation and general maintenance applications

PIP™ Falcon™ Rainsuits with Bib Overalls

Jacket with detachable hood and corduroy collar

PIP™ Eva™ Women's Pink Safety Glasses Get IT Item

Specially designed for women's facial structures

PIP™ CleanTeam™ 30-LayerContamination Control Mats

Reduce footborne dust and particulates

PIP™ Kut-Gard™ Dyneema™ Cut-Resistant Gloves

Uncoated gloves afford Cut Level 3 protection

PIP™ Ambi-dex™ Industrial Grade Latex Gloves

Ambidextrous with beaded cuff

PIP™ ATG™ MaxiDry™ Hi-Performance Nitrile Gloves

Ultra thin design provides high comfort and flexibility along with maximum finger tip tactile sensitivity