Protective Industrial Products, Inc.

PIP™ G-Tek™ NPG Nylon Gloves

Offer superior dexterity

West Chester Heavy Weight Spunbound Polypropylene Coveralls

Providing barrier protection against non-hazardous dry particulates

PIP™ Cabaret Formal White Parade Gloves w/Plastic Dotted Palm

Used for formal occasions by police, firemen, waiters, marching bands, military and pallbearers

PIP™ Temp-Gard™ Extreme Temperature Gloves

With strong grip and flexibility even at extreme temperatures

PIP™ OTG Rimless Safety Glasses

PIP™ Rimless Safety Glasses feature adjustable over-the-glass (OTG) style that offers an excellent fit over any kind of personal eyewear.

PIP™ G-Tek™ MaxiFlex™ Gloves

Ultra cool and very comfortable to wear

QRP™ Low-Powder Latex Finger Cots

For general and personal product protection

PIP™ Temp-Gard™ Extreme Temperature Apron

Black silicone apron protects torso and upper legs in extreme temperature conditions

PIP™ G-Tek™ GP™ Seamless Knit Nylon Glove with Polyurethane Coated Smooth Grip

Used in electronic and computer assembly, quality control, inspection and general assembly.

PIP™ Hi-Vis Vests

Ideal for additional levels of safety for low risks activities where ANSI compliance is not required, such as shopping cart retrievers, dog walkers, parking lot attendants, joggers, delivery vehicle drivers, recreational workers.

PIP™ Men's Cotton / Polyester Jersey Glove

Medium Weight. Used for light protection in warehousing, farming and the automotive industry.

PIP™ High-Visibility Economy Mesh Safety Vest

Ideal for construction, municipalities, shipyards, and anywhere hi-visibility apparel is necessary.

PIP™ Heavy-Duty Vinyl Apron

Suitable for food handling and preparation, general maintenance and chemical processing

PIP™ Falcon™ Base10™ Single-Ply PVC Rainsuits with Detachable Hoods

Ideal for construction, municipalities, shipyards, agriculture chemical spraying and industrial plant maintenance.

PIP™ Clear Polyethylene Apron

Economical protection for light- to medium-duty applications

PIP™ PowerGrab™ Plus Gloves

Ideal for assembly, construction, inspection, material handling, refuse handling, landscaping and gardening.

PIP™ CleanTeam™ Cotton Lisle Inspection Gloves

Ideal for inspection and electronics assembly or as liners under disposable and unsupported, liquid-proof gloves

PIP™ Medium Weight 7 Gauge Seamless Knit Cotton / Polyester Gloves

Used for warehousing, parts handling, assembly and food processing.

PIP™ Seamless Knit Cotton/Polyester Glove

Used for warehousing, parts handling, assembly and food processing.

PIP™ Ambi-dex™ Disposable Polyethylene Gloves

Ideal for food preparation and services.

PIP™ Pigskin Leather Palm Gloves

Provide great protection in damp and cold applications

PIP™ CleanTeam™ Vinyl Cleanroom Gloves

Manufacturer-suggested ISO Class 4 (Class 10)

PIP™ Light Weight Seamless Knit Nylon Half-Finger Gloves

Ideal for product handling, finishing and assembly, electronics assembly, photography labs and computer manufacturing.

PIP™ Lisle Inspection Glove

PIP™ Inspection Glove is ideal for inspection and electronics assembly.