PolyConversions, Inc.

PolyCo™ PolyWear™ Embossed Disposable Gowns

Large blue gowns feature easy tear-away for quick gown removal and safe disposal

PolyCo™ VR™ Sleeve Gloves

An ideal fusion of an 11mil nitrile glove and VR 4mil protective sleeve

PolyCo™ PolyWear™ Smooth Gowns: Bulk/Individually Bagged

Provide light-weight, impervious protection against bio-hazards. PolyCo™ PolyWear™ Smooth Gowns are in compliance with FDA's liquid and aerosol blood resistance testing requirements. They have a light, non-linting construction for greater comfort.

PolyCo™ VR™ Protective Boot Covers

Provide knee-high, foot and lower leg protection in situations where biological and chemical liquids are present

PolyCo™ VR™ Die-Cut Aprons

With an economical and lightweight one-piece construction for comfort, these aprons are ideal for critical and controlled environments

PolyCo™ VR™ Protective Gowns with Thumb Loops

Designed for full frontal body protection and with thumb loops for secure fit

PolyCo™ PolyWear™ Smooth Disposable Gowns

Lightweight, single-layer, low-density polyethylene gown for clinical and laboratory settings

PolyCo™ VR™ Protective Gowns with Elastic Cuffs

Designed for full frontal body protection

PolyCo™ VR™ Grommet Aprons

Blue aprons for seamless durability and strength

PolyCo™ VR™ Protective Sleeves

Easy to clean and reuse, these VR sleeves are lightweight yet more durable than vinyl

PolyCo™ VR™ Protective Ankle-High Shoe Covers

Designed for comfort, flexibility and protection

PolyCo™ VR™ Gown with Elastic Cuffs

Designed for full frontal body protection

Polyconversions IncSupplier Diversity Partner VR DC APRON YEL 4MIL 45 100CS

19-125-612 VR DC APRON YEL 4MIL 45 100CS VR DC APRON YEL 4MIL 45 100CS