S-Curve Technologies

S-Curve™ Laboratory Storage Shelves

Three separate shelves for storage

S-Curve™ Beta Storage Containers

Ideal for storing reagents that emit beta isotopes

S-Curve™ Dispenser with Easy Access Tray

Single compartment dispenser is ideal for housing ear plugs in any work environment. Featuring an easy access tray and rubber pads on the bottom, the dispenser can be free-standing on any surface or mounted to a wall.

S-Curve™ Ear Plug Dispenser with Easy Access Tray

Dispenser features easy access tray for worker convenience. Full-length top hinge accommodates easy filling for ear plugs while keeping dispenser free of dust and dirt.

S-Curve™ Multi-Compartment Glove Dispensers

Keep glove sizes separate and well organized

S-Curve™ Bottle and Wiper Dispensers

A combined wiper dispenser and bottle holder that can be mounted to a wall

S-Curve™ BD-700 Bouffant Dispenser

For bulk dispensing in cleanrooms and laboratories

S-Curve™ Laboratory Equipment Covers

Protects valuable equipment from contamination and spills

S-Curve™ X-Large Storage Bin Dispenser

Hold and dispenses a large volume of items without spilling

S-Curve™ Sterile Glove Dispenser

Dispense sterile and pair-packaged gloves

S-Curve™ Wiper Dispensers

Dispensers for 9 x 9 and 12 x 12 wipes, 8 x 5.5 presaturated wipes, and 3 in. bottles

S-Curve™ PETG Glove Box Holders

Wall mounted glove box holders in clear PETG material. Impact and chemical resistant.

S-Curve™ Three Compartment Glove Dispenser

Three compartments with or without front access holes