Haws Corporation

Haws™ AXION MSR™ Swing-Action Eye/Face Washes

Polished chrome-plated lab units with swing-down or swing-away action

Haws™ Shower Sign

Haws™ Shower Sign is a vertical universal emergency shower sign

Haws™ Sterile Bacteriostatic Water Preservative

Model 9082, 'sterile' bacteriostatic preservative for use in portable eyewash stations. One 5 oz. (148 ml) bottle will preserve 5 to 20 gallons (18.9 to 75.7 L) of potable water for up to three months. Four bottles per carton.

Haws™ Universal Eyewash Sign

Haws™ Universal Eyewash Sign is for use with eyewash stations.

Haws™ Test Kit

Haws™ Test Kit is an ANSI compliance test kit.

Haws™ Shower Test Kit

Haws™ Shower Test Kit is for use with emergency showers

Haws™ Portable Eyewash

Gravity-operated eyewash features a 9-gallon (34L) capacity, FDA approved high-density green polyethylene tank

Haws™ Replacement Dust Covers for Soft-Flo Spray Heads

Fit ball type Soft-Flo spray heads.

Haws™ Eyewash Head

ABS green plastic eye/face wash head with integral flip top dust cover that automatically releases with flow of water (less flow control)

Haws™ Eyewash Gauge

Haws™ Eyewash Gauge allows easy testing of eyewashes per ANSI Standard Z358.1.

Haws™ Ball Valve

Haws Ball Valve features a stay-open design and is made from chrome-plated brass to be durable and functional in any lab.

Haws™ Emergency Body Spray Kit

Haws™ Emergency Body Spray Kit features an ABS plastic head, stay open squeeze lever valve, 8 foot hose, and installation kit.

Haws™ High Visibility Striped Label

Self-adhesive, high visibility, 21-inch (53.3cm) long stripe in Safety Green and bright yellow.

Haws™ Ceiling Mounted Emergency Drench Shower

Haws™ Ceiling Mounted Emergency Drench Shower is a flush to ceiling drench shower with pull rod and AXION™ MSR polished stainless steel showerhead

Haws™ Horizontal Flag

Haws™ Horizontal Flag is a stainless steel push flag with graphics for use on horizontally mounted eyewash ball valves.

Haws™ Flow Switch

Haws™ Flow Switch is a 1.25in. flow switch with 125/250V, 5-amp double pole, double throw for alarm.

Haws™ Wall Mounted Emergency Drench Shower

Haws™ Wall Mounted Emergency Drench Shower is a horizontal or vertical drench shower with AXION™ MSR ABS plastic showerhead

Haws™ In-Line Strainer

Haws™ In-Line Strainer is a 50x50 mesh strainer that filters debris from reaching the eye or eye/face wash

Haws™ Freeze Valve

Haws™ Freeze Valve is a retro-fit freeze protection valve kit

Haws™ Stainless Steel Foot Treadle

Haws™ Stainless Steel Foot Treadle is a complete stainless steel foot control assembly for use on pedestal and combination units

Haws™ Emergency Shower and Eyewash

Haws™ Emergency Shower and Eyewash is a combination shower and Soft-Flo eyewash, with stainless steel receptor, freeze protection bleed valve and AXION™ MSR showerhead.

Haws™ Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash and Body Spray Head with Recoil Hose

Haws™ Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash and Body Spray Head with Recoil Hose features an inverted flow design consistent with all EMT, emergency room and doctors' office protocols

Haws™ SP65 Axion MSR™ Eye/Face Wash Head

Can be configured as either an eyewash or eye/facewash on site

Haws™ Unmounted Eye/Face Wash

Haws™ Unmounted Eye/Face Wash features an AXION™ MSR eye/face wash head.

Haws™ Thermostat

Haws™ Thermostat is for the heat traced cable outdoor Models 8317CTFP and 8317CTFP.220V

Haws™ Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash

Haws™ Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash is a freeze-resistant, gravity operated, portable eyewash with self-contained heater.

Haws™ Emergency Alarm System, Red Light

Haws™ Emergency Alarm System, Red Light features a buzzer and flashing light which are activated by an 1.25in. NPT double pole, double throw flow switch

Haws™ Green Area Light

Haws™ Green Area Light is for continuous illumination.

Haws™ Plastic Foot Treadle

Haws™ Plastic Foot Treadle is a wall mounted foot control assembly for hands free activation of eyewash

Haws™ 37-Gallon Portable Air Charged Eyewash

Haws™ 37-Gallon Portable Air Charged Eyewash includes a 6 foot hose that extends the body-spray reach, expanding the unit's protective capabilities