Fisher Science Education™ Traceable™ Manometer/Pressure/Vacuum Gauges Products for Science Education

Manometer displays gauge and differential pressure/vacuum in eleven different units.

Fisher Scientific™ Measuring Ruler Products for Science Education

Useful conversion tables make this a valuable laboratory tool.

Fisherbrand™ Original Labtool Products for Science Education

Fits in your pocket and provides 14 tools “at the ready”.

Fisher Science Education™ Anti-Static Static-Away™ Handle Brushes Products for Science Education

Designed with the softest hairs available to prevent scratching.

Fisher Science Education™ Flat Washer Products for Science Education

Used to prevent fastening.

Fisherbrand™ Labtool II™ and Mini-Labtool™ Products for Science Education

Pocket-size, multiuse tools are ideal for hundreds of lab needs.

Fisherbrand™ Budget-Priced Brushes Products for Science Education

Economical brushes for test tubes

Fisherbrand™ Ultrasonic Automatic Measuring Meter

Measures length, area, and volume with high-precision Polaroid™ ultrasonic sensor

Fisherbrand™ 14-Piece Tool Kit Products for Science Education

A wide variety of high-quality, precision-made tools.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Manometer Pressure/Vacuum Gauges

Portable units measure and display differential pressure/vacuum in 11 different units (psi, mbar etc)

Fisherbrand™ Bourdon Vacuum Gauges

Provide continual check on vacuum pumps and laboratory or industrial vacuum lines

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Cleanware™ Bottle Brush

Attached to hardwood handle. Bel Arttrade; SP Scienceware™ Cleanware™ Bottle Brush's swiveling pivot head on thoroughly cleans bottles and flasks with difficult inside curves and corners.

Fisherbrand™ Labware Washer Brushes

Heavy-duty, long-life brushes are designed to give optimum cleaning results

Fisherbrand™ Nylon Tufted Brush

Unbleached bristles with tuft for test tubes

Fisherbrand™ Delicate Dissecting Scissors

Forged from surgical-grade stainless steel

Fisherbrand™ Tube Brush

For 15mL centrifuge tubes

Fisherbrand™ Standard Dissecting Scissors

Two styles available—straight and curved

Fisher Scientific™ Anti-Static Static-Away™ Handle Brushes

Designed with the softest hairs available to prevent scratching

Fisherbrand™ Straight-Blade Operating Scissors

Forged from surgical-grade stainless steel

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Buchner Funnel Trowel

Quickly and efficiently smooths fissures appearing during the precipitate filtration process

Fisherbrand™ Heavyweight Long-Blade Scissors

Cut corrugated cardboard, thick twine, and heavy fabrics with minimum effort

Fisherbrand™ Round Camel's Hair Brush

For dusting or painting

Fisherbrand™ Mayo Dissecting Scissors

Quality control per U.S. Government specifications

Fisherbrand™ Budget-Priced Brushes

Economical brushes for test tubes

Fisherbrand™ Sharp-Pointed Dissecting Scissors

Finely finished, highly polished surgical-grade stainless steel