Adjustable Wrenches

ORS Nasco Cooper™ Crescent™ Adjustable Wrenches

Wider handles provide more comfort and less stress to hand

ChannelLock™ Adjustable Wrenches

Perfectly parallel jaw surfaces

Ampco Safety Adjustable Wrenches

Jaw openings up to 43mm

Ampco Safety Adjustable Pipe Wrenches

Quality, non-magnetic wrenches for a safe workplace

ORS Nasco ChannelLock™ 6-N-1 Rescue Tool

One device does it all—window-punching, valve-twisting, wire-cutting, life-saving

Troemner™ Labjaws™ Wrench

Special adjusting wrench is for use with lab-frame items with set screws.

Krackeler Scientific Adjustable and Open-ended Wrenches

Wrenches for use with zero dead-volume fittings