Fall Protection Harnesses and Belts

Honeywell™ Miller™ Ms. Miller™ Duraflex Full-Body Harness

The 570/E570 Ms. Miller Harness is the only full-body harness on the market specifically designed for the female worker. The special design keeps shoulder straps at the side and away from the chest, offers better hip support and increases comfort.

MSA™ Gravity™ Harnesses

Curvilinear Comfort System provides total comfort during use

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ ExoFit™ Full Body Harnesses

With quick connect and parachute buckles

Honeywell™ Miller™ Harness Accessories

Miller offers a variety of harness accessories, including this 6 in. wide black pad for added comfort.

Miller™ Body Belts

Used for work positioning only or in conjunction with a full-body harness to provide fall protection

Honeywell™ Miller™ Revolution™ Harnesses

Design based on key user-identified needs

Honeywell™ Miller™ Revolution™ Harnesses Accessories: Seat Pad

Seat pad for greater comfort when using the Miller Revolution Harness.

Honeywell™ Miller™ DuraFlex Python Harnesses

Combine stretchable DuraFlex torso straps with lightweight, cushioned shoulder straps for ultimate comfort

Honeywell™ Miller™ Revolution™ DualTech™ Harnesses

Harnesses with DualTech webbing offering safety and functionality with features developed to meet key user needs

Honeywell™ Miller™ Fall Protection Harnesses

Full-body harnesses in lightweight, durable, yellow or gold polyester webbing.

Honeywell™ Miller™ DuraFlex™ 650 Series Full-Body Stretchable Harnesses

Feel the difference with specially-formulated elastomer (stretchable) webbing

Honeywell™ Miller™ DuraFlex™ Harnesses with Tongue-Buckle Leg Straps

Ideal for workers who must carry tools and prefer the easy donning and doffing of tongue buckles

Honeywell™ Miller™ Revolution™ Arc-Rated Harnesses

Protect from falls caused by electric arc flash and arc blast exposure

Honeywell™ Miller™ AirCore™ Steel Harnesses

Comes in a high-visibility color for greater safety.

Honeywell™ Miller™ Non-Stretch Full-Body Harnesses

Full-body harnesses in lightweight, durable, yellow or gold polyester webbing.

Miller™ Polyester Body Belts

Harness body belts featuring a tongue buckle with 11 grommets

Honeywell™ Miller™ Duralite Fall Arrest and Retrieval Harness and Positioning Harness

Full-body harnesses in lightweight, durable, yellow or gold polyester webbing. Cat. No. 18-542 is suitable for fall arrest and retrieval. Cat. No. 18-543 has all the features of 18-542, plus side D-rings for positioning applications.

Honeywell™ Miller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness with Attached Bos'n Chair

The Miller AirCore™ Harness with Attached Bos'n Chair is designed for workers on drilling or service rigs. This harness features tongue buckle legs, mating buckle chest strap, front D-ring, extended back D-ring, lumbar pad, and removable belt with lumbar D-ring.

Honeywell™ Miller™ Nylon Belt

Should be used for work positioning or in conjunction with a full-body harness to provide fall protection

Miller™ Revolution™ Tower Climbing Harnesses

Designed to meet specific safety and functional needs for climbing towers

Honeywell™ Miller™ Step-In and Quick-Connect Harnesses

Designed to meet the challenges of harsh working environments.

Honeywell™ Miller™ Revolution™ Harnesses Accessories: Belt

The PivotLink Connection provides an attachment point for a multitude of accessories and individual tool pouches. The tool belt easily attaches and detaches - distributing weight across the hips and shoulders for a more comfortable fit and greater mobility.

Honeywell™ Miller™ Revolution™ Harness with Kevlar™-Nomex™ Webbing

The Revolution Arc Rated Products are designed to protect workers from falls caused by electric arc-flash and arc-blast exposure when working at heights or in confined space applications near energized electrical sources.

Miller™ Revolution™ Construction Harnesses

Features Type 10 webbing, almost twice as strong as standards require to provide the longest service life possible

Honeywell™ Miller Seat Sling for AirCore™ Harness

Sling seat with side D-rings for use with Miller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness. The harness is designed for workers on drilling or service rigs including everyday application in the oil fields.