Single Use Faceshields

Disposable Face Shields

Disposable Face Shields feature a stretch strap to hold the headpiece in place. Optically clear.

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Face Shields

High-quality, optically clear, distortion-free 7 mil film.

Fisherbrand™ Splash Shield™

Can be used while sitting or standing.

Arlington Scientific Full Face Shield

Arlington Scientific Full Face Shield is a non-sterile, single-use product intended for use as a shield over the face to protect from liquid splashing, and splattering.

Splash Shield™ North™ Protecto-Shield Face Shields

Fits well over glasses and protective spectacles

Honeywell Disposable Face Shield

The Honeywell Disposable Face Shield is designed for healthcare and social care workers and is intended for use in situations where social distancing isn't feasible and in areas with high risk of community disease spread.

Splash Shield™ Full Face Shield

Long, full face shield for healthcare personnel.

Splash Shield™ Face Shields

Lightweight, comfortable and cost-efficient.

Pyramex™ S1000 Medical Shield

Over the top face protection with polycarbonate face shield, foam headband, and adjustable strap.

Cancer Diagnostics, Inc.™ Kimtech Pure™ M5 Face Masks

Lightweight and comfortable for extended work sessions

Fisherbrand™ Face Shields

Features the industry's highest quality optical grade film

InTec™ Disposable Eye Shields

Disposable eye shields (goggles) with stretch band.

Splash Shield™ Short Shield™

Antifog, optically clear

Honeywell™ Fibre-Metal™ Face Shield Headgear

Ideal for secure, long-term combination use

Disposable Face Shields

High-quality, optically clear, distortion-free 7 mil film

Medicom™ Hopen™ Face shield

Medicom™ Hopen™ Face shield covers the user's entire face

Fisherbrand™ Eyeshield

Optical-grade lens curves around the face to maximize protection to the front and sides of the eyes

SP Bel-Art™ Full Coverage Face Shields with Anti-Fog

Protects against exposure to bodily fluids and infectious materials

Cen Med PMD Disposable Face Shield

Cen Med PMD Disposable Face Shield offers lightweight, flexible, and comfortable full facial personal protection

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Face Shields Products for Science Education

High-quality, optically clear, distortion-free 7mil film.

Face Mask with Polyfiltration Medium Products for Science Education

Optically clear polyester film with an antifog coating.