STEM Forensics and Chemistry

Dynalon™ Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape

Improve sterilization processes with temperature indicators. The Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape changes color to indicate products have attained temperatures for dry heat sterilization.

Optical 4.5X LumiLoupeÖ Power Stand Magnifier

Ideal for viewing insects, plants, maps and graphics

Innovating Science™ Forensic Dental Analysis Classroom Kit

Forensic dentistry is defined as the branch of forensic medicine that deals with identification through teeth, dental apparatus and their markings. The activities in this kit will introduce students to the various techniques used in forensic dentistry while they try and identify the suspect in the case.

Edvotek™ Whose DNA Was Left Behind? Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Students simulate DNA fingerprinting and use evidence to narrow down a list of criminal suspects.

Innovating Science™ Blood Typing Kits with Simulated Blood Products for Science Education

Determine the ABO or ABO/Rh blood type of four unknown samples.

Innovating Science™ Soaps and Detergents Products for Science Education

Examine similarities and differences in soaps and detergents.

Hemastix™ Reagent Strips Products for Science Education

Quick-and-easy test can be used right at the crime scene.

Lyle and Louise: Prescription for Crime™ Drug Testing and Analysis Products for Science Education

Helps students determine the identity of a white powder found in an abandoned truck.

Lyle and Louise: A Burning Question™ Fire Debris Analysis Products for Science Education

Hands-on forensic science curriculum introduces forensic odontology and the techniques used for fire debris analysis.

Lyle and Louise: The Smoking Gun™ Gunshot Residue Products for Science Education

Determine if the suspicious powder found on several surfaces at crime scenes is gunpowder or another substance.

Lyle and Louise: The Jagged Edge™ Glass Fragment Identification Products for Science Education

Examine the refractive index of various glass fragments.

Lab-Aids™ Forensic Science: Introduction to DNA Fingerprinting Kit Products for Science Education

Provides students with a feel for what it takes to be a detective.

Edvotek™ Forensic Enzymology Kit Products for Science Education

Can enzymes be used as evidence?

Innovating Science™ Genetics of Blood Types Using Simulated Blood Kit Products for Science Education

Learn how genetics determine blood type and possible inheritance patterns.

Sirchie Red SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Tape Products for Science Education

Simply peel the evidence strip away from the liner and apply to evidence.

Kemtec™ Forensic Impressions Kit Products for Science Education

Let students become CSI detectives to identify, preserve and evaluate trace evidences at a crime scene.

Innovating Science™ Presumptive Blood Test Kit Products for Science Education

Use phenolphthalein to test for the presence of blood.

Innovating Science™ Blood Splatter Kit Products for Science Education

For crime scene investigation and criminal identification based on bloodstains.

Lyle and Louise: Nature's Witness™ Forensic Entomology Products for Science Education

Learn how forensic entomologists use maggots to determine the post-mortem interval.

Short Plastic Photo Evidence Numbers Products for Science Education

Crime/Accident photo evidence indicators for forensic and identification photography.

Lyle and Louise: An Identity Crisis™ DNA Typing Products for Science Education

Introduces gel electrophoresis, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Short Tandem Repeat (STR) DNA analysis.

Fingerprinting Supplies Products for Science Education

Great for the classroom — clear and accurate fingerprints for forensics projects.

Kemtec™: Robbery at Anytown Mall Products for Science Education

Students solve the case of a robbery of a designer linen suit as a CSI would.

Lyle and Louise: Read the Found Prints™ Fingerprint Analysis Products for Science Education

For the identification of an individual's fingerprints.

Lyle and Louise: Strands of Evidence™ Hair and Fiber Analysis Products for Science Education

Provides introduction to evidence handling and comparison as performed at a murder scene.

Innovating Science™ Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis Kit Products for Science Education

See how scientists use hair to solve a crime.

Clear Flap Lifters with Backing Flap Products for Science Education

Convenient way to lift and protect a powdered print.

Innovating Science™ Forensics Using Simulated Blood Kit Products for Science Education

Enjoy hands-on activities and learn the use of blood type in a forensic investigation.

Innovating Science™ Forensic Chemistry of Unknown Substances Kit Products for Science Education

Identify unknown substances recovered in the field.

Innovating Science™ Understanding Blood Type Interactions Through Simulated Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Use for deeper understanding of the importance of antigen/antibody interactions.