Classroom Geology

Eisco 3cm Paleozoic Bivalve Fossil Replica

This bivalve fossil replica is representative of an organism that lived millions of years ago. Bivalves are filter feeders that usually bury themselves underwater in the sand. This model is perfect for paleontology lessons.

Eisco 4cm Mesozoic Ammonite Fossil Replica, Perisphinctes

Ammonites grew their shells from calcium carbonate, and grew constantly throughout their life span. This fossil replica is perfect for lessons on paleontology and geology.

Eisco 4cm Mesozoic Echinoderm Fossil Replica, Hardouinia

This fossil replica represents an ancient sea urchin that crawled along the seafloor, feeding on algae. This fossil is great for learning about paleontology and fossil preservation.

Eisco 4x10cm Fish Fossil Replica, Mesozoic

This fossil replica represents a mold of a ray-finned fish that died and was buried in the ocean. This fossil is great in the classroom for teaching about paleontology and fossil preservation.

EISCO Fractures, Faults and Dislocations Model Products for Science Education

Excellent way to illustrate various structures related to fault planes and fractures.

EISCO Hornblende (Amphibole Mineral) Specimen Products for Science Education

For use in studying both igneous and metamorphic rocks. EISCO Hornblende (Amphibole Mineral) Specimen is part of group of minerals known as amphiboles, which are chemically and structurally similar to pyroxenes, but include water in their atomic structure

EISCO Conglomerate Specimen (Sedimentary Rock) Products for Science Education

For use in teaching students about sorting and rounding. EISCO Conglomerate Specimen (Sedimentary Rock) has large clasts that indicate that pieces of rock underwent large amount of rolling, bouncing, and other weathering to become round. This implies depo

United Scientific Supplies Glass Streak Plates Products for Science Education

Used for hardness testing of rocks and minerals.

Lab-Aids™ Evolution: Examining Fossils and DNA Evidence Products for Science Education

Gives students the chance to explore fossil evidence of the theory of evolution. Lab-Aids™ Evolution: Examining Fossils and DNA Evidence has students compare fossil skeletons of whale ancestors to modern whale skeletons and use anatomical evidence to arrange the fossil skeletons in chronological order.

Washington School Rock and Mineral Collection Products for Science Education

40 large, carefully cut, and selected specimens.

EISCO Calcite Mineral Specimen Products for Science Education

For use in lessons on chemical reactions. EISCO Calcite Mineral Specimen is used in classroom identification labs and exercises, correlates well to Next Generation Science Standards Evidence Statements.

Premium Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

12 giant fossils show incredible details.

Middle School Earth Science Bulletin Board Set Products for Science Education

An informative earth science themed bulletin board.

American Educational Products Porcelain Streak Plates Products for Science Education

Hard, unglazed porcelain displays true colors.

American Educational Products Poly Crystals Products for Science Education

Can grow plants, can investigate cells, monitor water absorption.

Lab-Aids™ Rock Cycle: An Interactive Exploration Through Geologic Time Products for Science Education

Helps students attain a better understanding of the rock cycle.

Student Mineral and Rock Assortment Products for Science Education

A perfect companion set to the Washington School Collection!

Open Your Own Geode Products for Science Education

Open geodes in the classroom.