Classroom Building and Engineering

fischertechnik™ Education Electronics Set Products for Science Education

To study basic principles of electronics. fischertechnik™ Electronics Set helps students to build functional models from simple flash light to ship see-saw, alternating flasher and controllable ventilating fan.

fischertechnik™ Education Optics and Lights Set Products for Science Education

Students can investigate optical phenomena and experiment with light. fischertechnik™ Education Optics and Lights Set helps build a microscope, telescope, periscope, sun dial, planetary model, and more.

fischertechnik™ Education Pneumatics Set Products for Science Education

Helps students learn the principles behind pneumatics. fischertechnik™ Education Pneumatics Set uses realistic models to demonstrate how compressors, pneumatic valves and cylinders work.

Bridge Building Class Pack Products for Science Education

Challenge students' mathematical skills with this analytical exercise in creativity.