3B Scientific™ Deluxe Flexible Spine Model with Femur Heads

Demonstrate the anatomy of the human spine. The 3B Scientific™ Deluxe Flexible Spine Model with Femur Heads is used for anatomical study, and is flexibly mounted with movable femur heads for effective demonstration.

3B Scientific™ Advanced Manual Inflate Large Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

Fast and accurate blood pressure measurement. The 3B Scientific Advanced Manual Inflate Blood Monitor is equipped with a Pressure Rating Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat feature.

3B Scientific™ Three-Part Transparent Classic Human Skull Model

Add to your educational collection with this transparent human skull. The 3B Scientific™ Transparent Classic Human Skull Model allows for the study of internal structures that otherwise are only visible through x-ray images.

3B Scientific™ Three Lumbar Vertebrae, Flexibly Mounted

Study a partial lumbar spinal column in detail. The 3B Scientific™ Three Lumbar Vertebrae, Flexibly Mounted is ideal for patient education and anatomical study. The model consists of three lumbar vertebrae, intervertebral discs, spinal nerves and dura mater of the spinal cord for detailed examination

3B Scientific™ Baby Care Model

Baby-doll is ideal for training the main principals of baby care at school and in preparation courses for young parents.

3B Scientific™ BONElike™ Cervical Vertebrae

Replace real bones with this high quality replacement. The 3B Scientific™ BONElike™ has the look and feel of real bone.

3B Scientific™ Small DNA - RNA Model

Gain the tools to educate on the DNA - RNA model. The 3B Scientific™ small DNA - RNA model is an accurate and durable model for educational purposes.

3B Scientific™ Collection of 24 Rocks

The collection contains frequently occurring examples of metamorphic, sedimentary and magmatic rocks as well as important examples of industrial rocks.

3B Scientific™ Teltron ESR/NMR Basic Set

For investigating electron spin resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance.

3B Scientific™ Six-Part Bonelike™ Human Bone Skull Model

Study the bony structure and the complicated anatomy of the human skull. The 3B Scientific™ Six-Part BONElike™ Human Bone Skull Model brings the realism of human anatomy to any classroom.

3B Scientific™ SONOtrain™ Gallbladder Model

The material of the SONOtrain trainer simulates the feel of real soft tissue for carrying out palpations and injections and shows realistic texture and echogenicity on ultrasound images.

3B Scientific™ Two-in-One i.m. Injection Model of Buttock

Practice injection placement with a realistic model of Buttock. The 3B Scientific™ Two-in-One i.m. Injection Model of Buttock features a clear right hand side to study the placement of anatomy, while the left hand side allows students to practice injections.

3B Scientific™ Suture Practice Arm Dark Skin

Arm with soft vinyl skin over foam allows hundreds of suture practice sessions.

3B Scientific™ Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer

This epidural and spinal injection trainer is very impressive thanks to its extremely realistic haptic feedback, and the use of high-quality, hard-wearing materials.

3B Scientific™ Flexible Spine Model with Soft Intervertebral Discs

Demonstrate pathological conditions of the spine. The 3B Scientific™ is able to show how the discs deform during normal and abnormal positioning.

3B Scientific™ Replacement Block for SONOtrain™ Gallbladder Model

The material of the SONOtrain trainer simulates the feel of real soft tissue for carrying out palpations and injections and shows realistic texture and echogenicity on ultrasound images.



3B Scientific™ Inorganic/Organic Student Set Products for Science Education

Teaching tool designed for school, college or self study (private) chemistry courses.

3B Scientific™ Muscular Leg Products for Science Education

Nine-part left leg defines the muscular process.

3B Scientific™ Meiosis Model Products for Science Education

Model displays the 10 stages of meiosis on the basis of a typical mammal cell at an enlargement of approximately 10,000 times.

3B Scientific™ Baseline™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Products for Science Education

3B Scientific™ Baseline™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter measures and displays real-time pulse and SpO2 level

3B Scientific™ Muscular Arm Products for Science Education

Six-part, three-quarter life-size left arm to study musculature.

3B Scientific™ Brass Weights Set Products for Science Education

Set of nine hooked brass weights in storage case.

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Human Torsos Products for Science Education

28- or 24-part models are precision-crafted and hand-painted.

3B Scientific™ DNA Double Helix Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates three coils of a DNA double helix with base pairing.

3B Scientific™ True RMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Products for Science Education

The 3B Scientific True RMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, diode test and continuity plus thermocouple temperature.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Digestive System Products for Science Education

Illustrates the structure of fine tissues of the digestive system.

3B Scientific™ Larynx Model Products for Science Education

Two times full size

3B Scientific™ Biochemistry Molecular Model Kit Products for Science Education

Compact/semi-space-filling models feature the “mushroom style” hydrogen atom-link part.

3B Scientific™ Detecto™ ProHealth Personal Weighing Scale Products for Science Education

A low profile design personal scale with non-skid vinyl mat. The 3B Scientific Detecto™ ProHealth Personal Weighing Scale is ideal for personal use, fitness centers, and health care facilities.


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