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About A3B Scientific

Education is the key to a better future. Therefore, 3B Scientific strives to simplify the lives of educators and medical professionals worldwide so they can focus on the advancement of their students and patients.

We reach these goals by providing hands-on inquiry-based products, trainers, simulators and kits that are carefully thought through, vetted by professionals like you, and supported by our industry-leading service.

American 3B Scientific is part of the international 3B Scientific group of companies based out of Hamburg, Germany. With a strong emphasis on quality and detail, 3B Scientific was an early adopter of the quality management process as an education manufacturer and has been certified under ISO 9001 since 2000. The 3B Scientific brand is represented in over 100 countries worldwide in the medical and educational sector and is a world leader in the science education markets. 

Factors for 3B Scientific international success:

  • The excellent quality of the products, manufactured by skilled and specially trained personnel
  • The extremely competitive value of 3B Scientific Products
  • The uncompromising flexibility of processing customer requirements

That is what 3B stands for today: Best quality, Best value, Best service!