Rubbermaid™ BRUTE™ Dollies

Easily move and maneuver of heavy loads

Rubbermaid™ Heavy-Duty Step Stool

Glides easily over floor surface

Rubbermaid™ Heavy-Duty Tray-Shelf Carts

For transporting materials, supplies and heavy loads

Rubbermaid™ FLOW™ Flat Mop Finish Kit

Helps reduce labor costs and improve worker productivity

Rubbermaid™ Universal Drum Dolly Get IT Item

For 19-046-679 container

Rubbermaid™ Xtra Equipment Cart Products for Science Education

Sized to carry large loads

Rubbermaid™ Mobile Barrier

Easy to use, see, move, and store

Rubbermaid™ 16 in. Black Standard Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Traditional Upright Vacuum Cleaner six-position carpet-height adjustment allows for deep cleaning every time

Rubbermaid™ Cleanroom Maintenance Mops Get IT Item

Looped-end, tailbanded mop for greater floor coverage with each stroke

Rubbermaid™ BRUTE™ Round Container

Rubbermaind BRUTE™ Round Container features all-plastic seamless construction for added durability.

Rubbermaid™ HYGEN™ Dry Dusting Mops

Collects and holds dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically

Rubbermaid™ Untouchable™ Square Trash Cans

Durable and crack resistant, even under tough indoor/outdoor conditions

Rubbermaid™ Xtra™ White Utility Cart Get IT Item

Large shelves of the Rubbermaind Xtra™ White Utility Cart can hold small baths, centrifuges, pH meters, and many other types of equipment.

Rubbermaid™ Heavy-Duty Utility Cart Get IT Item

A Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Utility Cart is perfect for transporting equipment and heavy loads in any environment.

Rubbermaid™ Floor Squeegees

Handle problems in many work environments

Rubbermaid™ Microfiber Finish System

Enables controlled absorption and release of finish

Rubbermaid™ Soft Wastebaskets

Space-efficient and economical

Rubbermaid™ Square Space-Saving Containers

Store up to 25% more than conventional round containers in the same space

Rubbermaid™ Untouchable™ Square Trash Can Lids

Fit Untouchable Square Trash Cans

Rubbermaid™ Flat Shelf Carts Products for Science Education

Designed for transport of oversized, bulky items

Rubbermaid™ Over-the-Spill™ Station Kit Products for Science Education

Helps prevent costly slip-and-fall injuries

Rubbermaid™ Food Boxes

Reduces food spoilage costs