Rubbermaid™ Reusable Utility Scoop

Rugged, lightweight, white polyethylene

Rubbermaid™ Floor Squeegees

Handle problems in many work environments

Rubbermaid™ HYGEN™ MF Flexi Frame Mops

Premium split nylon/polyester blend microfiber provides optimal damp mopping performance

Rubbermaid™ Bouncer™ Scoops

Made of USDA-accepted, NSF-certified, clear polycarbonate materials that comply with FDA regulations

Convertible Utility Cart Products for Science Education

Multifunctional cart for versatile transport.

Rubbermaid™ Untouchable™ Square Trash Cans

Durable and crack resistant, even under tough indoor/outdoor conditions

Rubbermaid™ Carb-X™ Containers Products for Science Education

Rectangular containers store up to 25% more on a shelf than round containers.

Rubbermaid™ Portable Barricade System

Deploys quickly; works with other common barricade systems

Food/Tote Box Products for Science Education

Clear, break-resistant polycarbonate provides visibility, durability and stain resistance.

Rubbermaid™ Towable Tilt Truck

Transports large volumes of materials easily and efficiently

Rubbermaid™ Over-the-Spill™ Station Kit Products for Science Education

Helps prevent costly slip-and-fall injuries

Rubbermaid™ Untouchable™ Square Recycling Containers and Tops

Interchangeable, color-coded tops promote waste separation

Rubbermaid™ Flat Shelf Carts Products for Science Education

Designed for transport of oversized, bulky items

Rubbermaid™ BRUTE™ Utility Containers

Venting channels reduce the force required to remove a full can liner by 50%

Rubbermaid™ Soft Wastebaskets

Space-efficient and economical

Rubbermaid™ BRUTE™ Rollout Recycling Container

Easy-to-maneuver with heavy-duty wheels that roll easily, even over steps or curbing

Rubbermaid™ WaveBrake™ High-Performance Mopping Systems

Mop bucket/wringer system reduces splashing for safer, more productive cleaning

Rubbermaid™ Audio-Visual Carts Products for Science Education

User-friendly handle and four swivel casters ensure easy maneuverability.

Rubbermaid™ Clear Can Liners Get IT Item

No side seams to split

Rubbermaid™ Premium Cut-End Rayon Mop Head

For floor finish applications

Rubbermaid™ 16 in. Black Standard Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Traditional Upright Vacuum Cleaner six-position carpet-height adjustment allows for deep cleaning every time

Rubbermaid™ Square Space-Saving Containers

Store up to 25% more than conventional round containers in the same space