Terumo Medical Corporation

Terumo™ Surflo™ ETFE I.V. Catheters

With safe, easy-to-handle, tamper-evident packaging

Terumo™ Surflo™ Winged Infusion Sets

Secure, safe and simple I.V. therapy permits continuous access to a vein with minimum discomfort

Terumo™ Capiject™ Safety Lancets

High-quality, single-use lancets available in two formats: blades or needles

Terumo™ Surshield™ Safety Winged Infusion Sets

One-handed activation for IV infusion therapy

Terumo™ SurGuard™3 Safety Hypodermic Needles, 27g

Incorporates three modes of activation for easier use.  SurGuard™3 Safety Hypodermic Needle is the industry's most adaptable safety needle. Includes separate thumb and finger grips and unequalled sharpness.

Terumo™ VENOJECT™ II Evacuated Tube Holder Luer Adapter

Allows multiple draws into evacuated tubes