Walter Products Foot Skeleton Products for Science Education

Excellent tool to learn about the bones of the foot.

Introduction to Electrophoresis Products for Science Education

Economical two-part exercise provides an introduction to agarose gel electrophoresis. Designed for eight groups of students, it includes four colorful dye mixtures and DNA.

Walter Products Resistance and Ohm's Law Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Examine electrical resistance through a conductor and demonstrate principles of Ohm's law.

Walter Products 7-Part Life-Size Human Arm Muscle Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to examine the deep arm muscles by removing the superficial muscles, and locate the palmar aponeurosis in the hand.

Walter Products 2-Part Full-Size Heart Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to examine the chambers, valves and major vessels.

Walter Products Smooth Muscle Fiber Model

Explains microstructure in detail.

Walter Products 27-Parts Duel-Sex Exchangeable Human Torso Model With Open Back Products for Science Education

Life-size human torso model featuring exchangeable male and female reproductive organs.

Walter Products Induced Current Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

A simple experiment to demonstrate electromagnetic induction.

Walter Products Human Skull with Blood Vessels Model

Structurally and anatomically precise

Walter Products Spermatogenesis Model Products for Science Education

Has been magnified to 10000X.

Walter Products Sagittal Head Models Products for Science Education

Shows the important structures and features of the human head.

Large Molecular Model Set Products for Science Education

For middle school through high school chemistry courses in which students learn about inorganic and organic molecules, as well as crystal molecules like graphite and diamond.

Walter Products Kidney Model (With Adrenal Gland) Products for Science Education

To study internal kidney features.

Walter Products Human Ovary Model

Displays details of female reproductive organs.

Walter Products Anatomy of Stomach Model Products for Science Education

Opens to show different and individual layers of stomach wall.

Walter Products Sexless Human Torso Model Products for Science Education

Displays respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and urinary systems, as well as musculature.

Walter Products Electric Current Survey Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Simple but effective classroom kit.

Walter Products Human Shoulder Joint Model

Explains mechanics, detailed anatomy of human shoulder.

Walter Products Life Size Skeleton Dust Cover Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty cover with zipper that covers and protects full-size skeletons, both hanging and pelvic mounted.

Walter Digital Water Baths Products for Science Education

Features high precision PID temperature controls.

Walter Products Knee Joint Model Products for Science Education

Shows detailed anatomy of the knee joint along with the mechanics of the knee.

Walter Products Muscular Figure Models Products for Science Education

Shows the topography of muscles.

Walter Products 6-Part Life-Size Rat Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Ideal for studying zoology with this lifelike reproduction of the anatomy of the rat.

Walter Products 3X Life-Size Kidney Model Products for Science Education

Shows the renal capsule, cortex, medulla, pyramids with papillae, partially dissected renal pelvis, renal calices, ureter, blood vessels, and the suprarenal gland.

Walter Products Kidney, Nephron and Glomerulus Anatomical Model

Educate students or patients with an enlarged anatomical model. The Walter Products Anatomical Model features a Kidney, Nephron and Glomerulus Model which are mounted on a white plastic board.