Walter Products Skin Model From Human Scalp Section Products for Science Education

Relief model displays contrasting colors of three skin layers.

Walter Products Liver and Gall Bladder Relief Model

Highlights the vascular structure in detail.

Walter Products Female Pelvis with Organs Products for Science Education

Pelvic bones along with 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae are easy to identify on this model.

Walter Products Plant Cell - Dicotyledon Model Products for Science Education

Shows all major structures of plant cell.

Walter Products Blood Cell Model Products for Science Education

Has been magnified 2000X.

Walter Products Liver Model w/Network of Vessels

Displays extensive, complex network of vessels.

Budget Skeleton Products for Science Education

Life-size and affordable.

Walter Products Enlarged Liver Model Products for Science Education

Displays left, right, caudate and quadrate lobes of human liver.

Walter Products Kidney, Nephron and Glomerulus Anatomical Model

Educate students or patients with an enlarged anatomical model. The Walter Products Anatomical Model features a Kidney, Nephron and Glomerulus Model which are mounted on a white plastic board.

Walter Products Half-Size Mini Skull Model Products for Science Education

Can be disassembled into three parts: skullcap, base of skull, and the mandible.

Leaf Structure Model Products for Science Education

Vividly shows transverse and longitudinal sections along with upper and lower epidermis.

Walter Products 17-Part Sexless Human Torso Model With Open Back Products for Science Education

Classic life-size human torso shows the major body system in detail.

Large Molecular Model Set Products for Science Education

For middle school through high school chemistry courses in which students learn about inorganic and organic molecules, as well as crystal molecules like graphite and diamond.

Walter Products Respiratory System Model w/Alveolus Products for Science Education

Shows human respiratory system and 150X magnified alveolus with blood vessels.

Walter Products 2-Part Full-Size Heart Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to examine the chambers, valves and major vessels.

Walter Products 3-Part Ear Model Products for Science Education

Shows details of the external, middle and inner ear.

Walter Products Human Skull with Blood Vessels Model

Structurally and anatomically precise

Walter Products Human Skin Model Products for Science Education

Shows in three dimension with 70X enlargement.

Walter Products Human Ovary Model

Displays details of female reproductive organs.

Walter Products Numbered Human Classic Skull Model, Three-Parts Products for Science Education

Numbered to help identifying key structures of human skull.

Walter Products 13-Part Life-Size Human Leg Muscle Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to examine the deep leg muscles by removing the superficial muscles.

Walter Products Lung Model

Features dual model-Enlarged lung lobule and alveolus.

Walter Products Life-Size Human Skull Model20 Products for Science Education

Provides a detailed reproduction of human skull with all structural details.

Walter Products 2-Part Circulatory System Model Products for Science Education

Ideal for learning the important descending and ascending pathways of the circulatory system of the human body.

Dicot Flower Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to easily study the floral components and reproductive functions of flowers.

Walter Products Life Size Skeleton Dust Cover Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty cover with zipper that covers and protects full-size skeletons, both hanging and pelvic mounted.