Eagle Manufacturing

Eagle™ Modular Quik-Assembly™ Cabinets

Ideal for lab or industrial settings

Eagle™ Stainless-Steel Safety Cans

The Eagle Stainless-Steel Safety Can is ideal for storage of high-purity liquids and flammables that do not corrode metal

Eagle™ Tower Safety Cabinet

Eagle Tower Safety Cabinet lets you safely store safety cans and flammable liquid materials near work areas.

Eagle™ Step-On Biohazard Waste Containers

Provide safe, temporary collection of biological waste (no sharps). Foot operated pedal with self-closing lid reduces the risk of contamination. Alert workers to potential biohazards and meet OSHA requirements for exposures to bloodborne pathogens.

Eagle™ Flammable Liquid Safety Storage Cabinet

Save time and money by keeping normally dangerous items on hand. With Eagle's Flamable Liquid Safety Storage Cabinet, you can safely keep flammable liquids near work areas.

Eagle™ Containment Utility Tray

Contains small spills up to five gallons

Eagle™ Flammable Liquid Safety Storage Cabinet

Double-walled cabinet with self-closing doors and adjustable shelves.

Eagle™ Flammable Liquid Safety Storage Cabinet

Safely keep flammable liquids near work areas with the Eagle Flammable Liquid Safety Storage Cabinet with self-closing doors.

Eagle™ Polyethylene Oily Waste Cans

Designed for temporary storage of solvent, waste rags, and other materials subject to spontaneous combustion

Eagle™ 55 Gallon Lab Pack - Open Head Drum

This straight sided drum is constructed of blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors. It is durable and lightweight, weather and chemical resistant, and has a white lid with a plastic lever-lock band closure.

Eagle™ Shelves for Storage Cabinets

Fit a variety of flammable and corrosive storage cabinets

Eagle™ Nonmetallic Safety Cans

High-density polyethylene safety cans help reduce danger of explosion from ignition of flammable liquid vapors

Eagle™ Floor Model Corrosives Cabinets: Two-Door Models

Provide more space to store hazardous material in your work environment. Eagle Floor Model Corrosives Cabinet can be used for storing containers up to 60 gallons in capacity.

Eagle™ Liquid Disposal Cans

For temporary storage of liquid chemical wastes

Eagle™ Drum-Containment Pallets and Platforms

Grating removes easily for cleaning

Eagle™ Spill Containment Drums

Approved for use with Packing Groups I, II and III

Eagle™ Spill-Control Drum Funnel

Spout fits into any 2 in. (5.1cm) NPT bung

Eagle™ Floor Model Corrosives Cabinet, One-Door Model

Store corrosives, up to 24 gallons, with an Eagle Corrosives Cabinet. This models sits securely on the floor and features one door for ease of use.

Eagle™ Undercounter Acid Storage Cabinet

Maximize work space while safely storing acids and corrosives with an Eagle Undercounter Acid Storage Cabinet.

Eagle™ Flammables Space-Saver Cabinet

Eagle Flammables Space-Saver Cabinet is ideal for providing maximum storage in small spaces.

Eagle™ Flammables Undercounter Cabinet

Eagle Flammables Undercounter Cabinet lets you save space with its convenient under-the-counter design.

Eagle™ Spill-Control Drum Funnel Cover

For use with Eagle Spill-Control Drum Funnel (see cat. no. 18600)

Eagle™ Overpack Dolly

Safely moves salvage drums

Eagle™ Drum Trays

Inexpensive and practical way to prevent spills

Eagle™ SafeSmoker™ Cigarette Receptacle

Top keeps wind and rain out—cigarette butts remain in receptacle

Eagle™ Column Protectors

Affordable protection for columns and beams in workspaces

Eagle™ Drum Storage Cabinets

The Eagle Drum Storage Cabinet is designed to let you store 55-gallon drums containing hazardous waste or flammables.

Eagle™ Bench Safety Cans

For safe cleaning of small parts or swabbing of larger ones