Iodine Skin Cleansers

BD CareFusion™ ChloraPrep™ Frepp™ Applicators

Provide a superior, hands-off “friction scrub,” enhancing the efficacy of the antiseptic solution it delivers

BD CareFusion™ ChloraPrep™ Swabstick

Long plastic handle allows hands-off application, which can reduce cross-contamination

Covidien Webcol™ Alcohol Preps

Provide maximum absorbency for scrubbing and cleansing

PDI™ Alcohol Prep Pads

Provide rapid-acting skin antisepsis in sterile formula

BD CareFusion ChloraPrep™ Applicators

Innovative applicator design makes a difference every time

PDI™ Povidone-Iodine Swabsticks

Perfect for venipuncture, IV starts, renal dialysis and other minor invasive procedures

Covidien Curity™ Alcohol Preps

Sealed in airtight, easy-to-use, polylined foil pouches

PDI™ Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad

Povidone-iodine provides longer germicidal activity than ordinary iodine solution

BD Persist™ Skin Prep Swabs Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Fast and easy one-step application

PDI™ Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad

Provides proven antisepsis

PDI™ Electrode Skin Prep Pads

Disposable pads cleanse the skin area in preparation for electrode placement

PDI™ Io-Gone™ Iodine Remover Pads

Remove extraneous iodine stains from skin and clothing

Sigma-Transwab Liquid Amies Media Swabs with Swab Capture

Liquid transport for automated processing systems and conventional inoculation and plating

PDI™ Adhesive Tape Remover Pads

Removes adhesive tape from skin

BD CareFusion™ ChloraPrep™ Sepp™ Applicator

Ideal for peripheral IVs and IV restarts

BD CareFusion™ Blood Donor Prep Kits

Sterile, disposable skin prep kit for blood donor collection

BD CareFusion™ Sepp™ Antiseptic Applicators

With an exclusive triple-wall construction