Fall Protection Device Accessories

Honeywell Miller™ Cross-Arm Straps

Provides temporary anchorage to overhead support beam for fall protection systems

Miller™ DuraHoist™ Accessories

For use with DuraHoist Confined Space Systems

Miller™ Titan™ Cross-Arm Strap

Secure anchor point for lanyards

Miller™ Choke-Style Wristlet

Wristlet for horizontal application

Miller™ Equipment Bags For Tools or Tripods

Carrying bag for hoist, winch or self-retracting lifeline (SRL)

Miller™ Tripods

Anchorage connector for typical confined space and rescue systems

Honeywell Miller Bos'n Chair for AirCore™ Harness

For use with AirCore Oil and Gas harnesses

Miller™ Nut and Bolt Bags

Heavy-duty carrier for parts and small tools

MSA™ Bosun™ Chair

Suspension seat for lifting and lowering personnel

Capital Safety DBI/Sala™ Salalift™ II Winch

Salalift II WInches provide a means to raise or lower a worker or to retrieve an incapacitated worker to safety.

DBI/Sala™ Sealed Self-Retracting Lifeline: Carrying Cases

Carrying cases for DBI/Sala Sealed Self-Retracting Lifelines