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About Kemtec Educational Products

Kemtec™ offers innovative, ready-to-use educational kits that excite, encourage and inspire students to learn. Kemtec kits are the perfect complement to existing curriculum, making them convenient for teachers while engaging students in hands-on learning.

Kemtec kits cover a variety of subjects including:

  • Biology
  • Blood Typing
  • Chemistry / AP Chemistry
  • Consumer Science
  • Forensics
  • Physical Science
  • Marine Biology
  • Microchemistry
  • Physics
  • STEM

Did you know that Kemtec manufactures over 200 different Science kits for the classroom?  Fisher Science Education is a distributer of the entire line of Kemtec. If you can’t find the kit you are looking for please contact Fisher Science Education customer service at +1 800-955-1177.


Getting Better Every Day

Kemtec has undergone many changes and made big improvements over the last year. Keep an eye out for new kits and enhancements as they continue to develop.

Updated Manuals

  • Instructions are being edited to improve organization and clarity
  • Procedures are being written in a step-by-step format to suit any learning style
  • Student protocols and data sheets are presented as reproducible pages
  • Safety requirements and warnings are included

Teacher-Friendly Content

  • More Inquiry
  • Time Requirements
  • Objectives
  • Sample Data
  • National Standards
  • Safety Concerns
  • Comprehensive Answer Keys
  • Student Assessment Materials
  • Enhanced Background Information