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Innovating Science™ Student Bacteria Science Kit Products for Science Education

This kit contains materials for students to use in investigating bacteria in their environment. Innovating Science™ Student Bacteria Science Kit teaches studentsproper microbiological techniques.

Innovating Science™ AP Biology Investigation Kit No. 8: Bacterial Transformation Products for Science Education

Students genetically engineer bacteria through transformation with a plasmid that confers antibiotic resistance.

Innovating Science™ Soil Analysis Earth Science Products for Science Education

Innovating Science™ Soil Analysis Earth Science kit will teach students the skills needed to properly conduct soil composition tests as well as allow them to collect and evaluate local soil samples.

Innovating Science™ AP Biology Investigation Kit No. 9: Restriction Enzyme Analysis Products for Science Education

In this lab students will understand the action and specificity of restriction enzymes, while learning the components involved in the process of DNA electrophoresis and the role of each component as it applies to the entire process of electrophoresis.

Innovating Science™ Chemical and Mechanical Erosion of Rocks Products for Science Education

In this kit students will learn about the rock cycle and the significance of certain types of erosion. Innovating Science™ Chemical and Mechanical Erosion of Rocks kit provides an opportunity for students to investigate acid rain and other environme

Innovating Science™ Arabidopsis Seeds Products for Science Education

Ideal for the study the process of artificial selection. Innovating Science™ Arabidopsis Seeds are a fast Growing Plant Seeds

Innovating Science™ Microcrystal Growth Kit Products for Science Education

Students will use different solutions to create a range of fun and exciting microcrystalline forms to discover the wonders of crystalline growth and properties.

Innovating Science™ Aldon Food Color Set Products for Science Education

Set of seven bottles each containing 50mL of the respective color.

Aldon™ Blank Sterile Disks Products for Science Education

Used to test effectiveness of particular antimicrobial agents.

Innovating Science™ Enzymes and the Process of Digestion Products for Science Education

Understanding the vital role that enzymes play in the process of human digestive

Innovating Science™ Forensic Case Study: Murder At Eagle Nest Harbor Products for Science Education

A murder in a quiet house boat community sets the stage for students to test their forensic knowledge. Students will take on the role of a forensic technician as they analyze hair, fiber, fingerprint, blood, and hand writing evidence to help pin point the killer.

Innovating Science™ Qualitative Coliform Test Kit Products for Science Education

Detect coliforms in water sample using a distinct color change test.

Innovating Science™ Green Nanochemistry: Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Products for Science Education

Synthesize silver nanoparticles from silver nitrate.

Aldon™ Streptomycin Disks Products for Science Education

Determines antibiotic susceptibility of microorganisms.

Innovating Science™ Vinyl Periodic Table Poster Products for Science Education

Colored printing helps students distinguish between metals, non-metals, and noble gas families as well as allowing them to differentiate types of metals, solids, liquids and gases from synthetic elements.

Innovating Science™ Blood Typing Anti-Sera Products for Science Education

For blood typing using real human blood. 5 mL vials contain enough antisera for 75 students. Sample will keep over one year with proper refrigeration.

Innovating Science™ Acid, Caustic and Solvent Combination Spill Kit Products for Science Education

Kit contains enough material to clean up a liter of four solvents in your lab

Innovating Science™ Universal Chemical Spill Kit Products for Science Education

Be prepared for spills in your lab. Universal sorbent eliminates guesswork — safe for use on all chemicals except hydrofluoric acid.

Innovating Science™ Laboratory Cleaner Products for Science Education

Formulated for use on laboratory surfaces including, stainless steel, stone/ composite bench tops and fume hood sashes. Aldon Laboratory Cleaner is intended for removal of stains and residues. It is not intended as a disinfectant.

Innovating Science™ Dry Erase Board Cleaner Products for Science Education

Safe cleaner removes shadows, ghosting and stains.

Innovating Science™ Vital Stain Kit Products for Science Education

Perfect for general slide staining. Use on living cells without damaging or injuring the cells.

Innovating Science™ Small Group Learning: A Safer Flame Test – Identification Of Metal Lab Products for Science Education

The flame test is an analytical technique often used for the identification of certain elements, primarily metal ions. The color of the flame is observed and the spectra of light emitted from the flame is viewed through a spectroscope.

Innovating Science™ Small Group Learning: Genetics Of Blood Types Products for Science Education

Blood type, an inherited characteristic, has use in everything from forensic investigations to medical procedures. In this activity, students will learn about the genetics that determine blood type and the possible inheritance patterns and how they express themselves.

Innovating Science™ Gram Stain Kit Products for Science Education

To determine if bacteria are Gram-positive or Gram-negative.