Aqua Phoenix Scientific

Vegetable Oil, 24 oz. Products for Science Education

For use with any classroom application requiring vegetable oil.

Kemtec™ Chemistry Kit: Chemical Properties Products for Science Education

Students test chemical properties of seven different solutions in every possible combination.

Kemtec™ Tallquist Hemoglobin Scale Products for Science Education

Allows quick assessment of patient's blood hemoglobin levels.

Kemtec™ Let's Build Electromagnets Kit Products for Science Education

Introduce the Engineering Design Process for problem solving as you explore electricity and magnetism in this electromagnet building exercise.

Kemtec™ Amazing Waves Kit Products for Science Education

Seven activities take students through examination and observation of waves, wave properties and influence of waves on coastline.

Stop Faking It! Activity Book Series Products for Science Education

Develop a deeper understanding of scientific principles with accurate, easy-to-digest explanations, fortified with clever examples and fun-to-do activities.

Kemtec™ Structures and Bridges Kit Products for Science Education

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of structural engineering concepts for supporting or resisting loads while building structures and bridges.

Kemtec™ Elements, Compounds and Mixtures I Kit Products for Science Education

Introduce students to various concepts of elements, compounds, and mixtures.

Kemtec™ Chemistry Kit: Chemical Formulas I Products for Science Education

Experimentally determine the correct chemical formulas for various compounds.

Beaker Set Products for Science Education

Ideal for laboratory use.

Kemtec™ Forensic Blood Spatter Kit Products for Science Education

Examines how blood spatter plays a role in crime scene investigation.

Kemtec™ Resources of the Living Ocean Products for Science Education

Designed to show importance of fish and algae as living resources of ocean.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Statistics: Precision & Accuracy Products for Science Education

Use a variety of basic volumetric measuring techniques to distinguish between precision and accuracy, while identifying an unknown liquid by its density.

Kemtec™ Separation of Plant Pigments Using Gel Filtration Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn how to separate pigments in plants.

Kemtec™ Anti-A, Anti-B, Serum Set, Lyophilized, 3-300L Products for Science Education

Lyophilized sera allow prolonged, stable storage and shelf life.

Kemtec™ Chick-U-Bator Products for Science Education

Students watch miracle of birth together through the clear plastic dome of the mini incubator.

Kemtec™ Air Fern Kit Products for Science Education

Students experiment, observe and grow air ferns in six experiments.

Kemtec™ Blood Typing with Saliva Kit Products for Science Education

Students use their own saliva, from which antigen secretors will be able to determine their ABO blood type.

Kemtec™ Build Your Own Simple Electric Motor Kit Products for Science Education

Build your own simple electric motors using wire and magnets.

Kemtec™ Volcanic Eruption Kit Products for Science Education

A hands-on volcano model building project complete with safe, simulated lava eruptions.

Kemtec™ Chemistry Kit: Ionic Interaction Products for Science Education

Introduce junior high and high school students to writing ionic formulas and ionic interaction equations.

Kemtec™ Basic Microchemistry Kits Products for Science Education

Microchemistry kits include all laboratory supplies required to perform chemistry experiments on microscale.

Kemtec™ Build a Crystal Radio w/an Amplifier: Exploring Wavelength, Frequency, Amplitude Products for Science Education

Students explore wavelength, frequency and amplitude while immersed in hands-on experimentation.

Cylinder Set Products for Science Education

Ideal for laboratory use.

Kemtec™ Dental Cavity Potential Kit Products for Science Education

Kit promotes dental health.

Kemtec™ CSI Invent3 Kit Products for Science Education

Encourage students to conduct their own research and explore.

Kemtec™ Hand Lotion Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Independent scientific studies allows students to determine best hand lotion for price.

Kemtec™ Properties of Lipids Kit Products for Science Education

Kit helps students explore essential nature of lipids.

Kemtec™ Ocean Science Kit Products for Science Education

Examine physical and chemical properties of seawater and learn how these properties affect ocean currents and environments.

Kemtec™ Dichotomous Keys Kit Products for Science Education

Guide students through the process of classifying and identifying objects with real-world examples, just like scientists!