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Kemtec™ Advanced Enzymology Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces students to wide variety of enzyme kinetics and provides complete mini course in Enzymology.

Kemtec™ Qualitative Analysis of Proteins and Amino Acids Kit Products for Science Education

Illustrates principles of protein and amino acid analysis.

Kemtec™ A Space Farm Kit Products for Science Education

Illustrates to young students how we might grow our food in an environment other than earth.

Kemtec™ Human Activity and the Environment Kit Products for Science Education

Helps students understand how human activity affects the environment.

Kemtec™ ABO Blood Typing Kit (with Red Blood Cells) Products for Science Education

Learn the genetic inheritance patterns of blood types.

Kemtec™ Owl Pellet Kit Products for Science Education

Students discover what an owl had to eat by examining the owl pellet.

Kemtec™ Anti-A, Anti-B, Serum Set, Lyophilized, 3-300L Products for Science Education

Lyophilized sera allow prolonged, stable storage and shelf life.

Kemtec™ Blood Typing with Saliva Kit Products for Science Education

Students use their own saliva, from which antigen secretors will be able to determine their ABO blood type.

Kemtec™ Anti-Rh, Anti-D Serum, Lyophilized Products for Science Education

Lyophilized sera allow prolonged, stable storage and shelf life.

Kemtec™ Forensic Impressions Kit Products for Science Education

Let students become CSI detectives to identify, preserve and evaluate trace evidences at a crime scene.

Kemtec™ Tallquist Hemoglobin Scale Products for Science Education

Allows quick assessment of patient's blood hemoglobin levels.

Kemtec™: Robbery at Anytown Mall Products for Science Education

Students solve the case of a robbery of a designer linen suit as a CSI would.

Kemtec™ Spray Bottle with Pump Products for Science Education

Used for dispensing wide variety of chemicals and other substances.

Kemtec™ 96-Well Microplate Products for Science Education

Ideal for microchemistry experiments.

Kemtec™ 24-Well Microplates Products for Science Education

Ideal for microchemistry experiments.

Kemtec™ Plant Cloning Kit Products for Science Education

Reproduce entire plant systems from a section of a single plant.

Kemtec™: Analysis of Fingerprints Products for Science Education

Encourages students to learn and experiment with dusting and developing latent prints.

Kemtec™ Coliform Test Kit Products for Science Education

A dramatic way to demonstrate the presence of coliforms in water samples to students with a limited laboratory background.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Separating Substances by Absorption Chromatography Products for Science Education

Students learn the fundamentals of paper and thin-layer chromatography (TLC) as they answer the inquiry question, “What colors my food?”

Kemtec™ Forensics Kit: Introduction to Toxicology Products for Science Education

Demonstrate techniques used to screen for drug use.

Kemtec™ Physical Properties of Proteins Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn how physical parameters influence proteins.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Stoichiometry: Reactions with Copper Compounds Products for Science Education

Perform four quantitatively different reactions utilizing copper compounds.

Kemtec™ Forensics Kit: Analysis of Minerals and Soils Products for Science Education

Student detectives analyze minerals and soils.

Aqua Phoenix™ Physical Changes Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn about the physical changes of matter.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Stoichiometry: Mole Ratio of an Unknown Products for Science Education

This unique, hands-on lab shows students how to treat heat as a quantitative product, using continuous variation (Job's method).

Kemtec™: Analysis of Documents Products for Science Education

Uses both physical and chemical analysis of paper, ink, pencil and typing.

Kemtec™ Reflection of Light Kit Products for Science Education

Study how light rays are reflected to give images back to our eyes.

Kemtec™ Common Indicators Kit Products for Science Education

Younger students can visually determine nature of acid-base chemisty.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Statistics: Precision & Accuracy Products for Science Education

Use a variety of basic volumetric measuring techniques to distinguish between precision and accuracy, while identifying an unknown liquid by its density.

Kemtec™ Thin Stem Pipet Products for Science Education

Used as means of transfering liquids.


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