American Educational Products, LLC

American Educational Products Safety Pipet Filler Products for Science Education

Safely draw liquids into a pipet.

American Educational Products Compost Kit Products for Science Education

A fun and interactive way to learn the benefits of composting.

American Educational Products Landforms, Raised-Relief Map Set Products for Science Education

Seven raised-relief maps provide realistic visual information on various land formations.

American Educational Products Bagged Specimen Collections Products for Science Education

Each set contains six representative specimens.

American Educational Products Wind Tunnel Products for Science Education

Make variety of aerodynamic studies with an actual wind tunnel.

American Educational Products One-Hole Rubber Stoppers Products for Science Education

Pliable, noncorrosive and deformation resistant.

American Educational Products Evaporating Dishes Products for Science Education

Sturdy and corrosion-resistant.

American Educational Products Graduated Polypropylene Cylinders Products for Science Education

Raised outer graduations to facilitate easy reading.

American Educational Products Solid Rubber Stoppers Products for Science Education

Pliable, noncorrosive and deformation resistant.

American Educational Products Fire Syringe Products for Science Education

Simple apparatus provides a vivid demonstration!

American Educational Products Electrical Bench Meters Products for Science Education

Designed in a wide array of options to fit your needs.

American Educational Products Human Heredity Made Easy™ Products for Science Education

Suitable for a broad range of class levels.

American Educational Products Tyndall's Heating Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstration of the thermal capacities of various metals.

American Educational Products Science Fair Display Board Products for Science Education

Increases student involvement in science fairs, class projects and learning environments.

American Educational Products Microslides Comparative Circulatory Systems Products for Science Education

Helps students to compare circulatory systems of different species.

American Educational Products Standard Rock Collection Products for Science Education

Each set contains 15 representative specimens

American Educational Products Thunderstorms: Nature's Fury DVD Products for Science Education

Explores how meteorologists use sophisticated forecast tools to track major storms.

American Educational Products Koontz™ - The Hooey Stick Products for Science Education

For classroom demonstration of energy and motion, conversion of energy, converting linear motion into rotational motion and vibration.