American Educational Products Jewel PlantMobile Products for Science Education

Durable construction, designed for mobility.

American Educational Products Plant Lab Starter Set Products for Science Education

Great collection to begin classroom botany projects.

American Educational Products Videolab™ Plate Tectonics DVD Products for Science Education

Learn about the fundamentals of the Plate Tectonics Theory.

American Educational Products Lung Demonstration Apparatus Products for Science Education

Relaxation and contraction illustrated.

American Educational Products Create-a-Circuit Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Build a circuit to demonstrate the continuous flow of energy.

American Educational Products Rocks and Minerals Clever Catch™ Balls Products for Science Education

Great for use in organized classroom activities, on the playground or at home.

American Educational Products EXPLORE WITH ME GEOLOG™ — Marvelous Minerals Experiment Set Products for Science Education

Introduces kids to the scientific method of identifying minerals through scratch tests.

American Educational Products Videolab™ The Rock Cycle DVD Products for Science Education

Learn about the rock cycle with spectacular examples of erosion, deposition, metamorphism and volcanism.

American Educational Products Conduction Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

To explore the conduction of electricity.

American Educational Products Environmental Student Test Lab Kit Products for Science Education

Perform different tests and identify various components present in air and water.

American Educational Products Videolab™ Volcanoes: Understanding Hazards DVD Products for Science Education

Understand the processes that lead to one of natures most terrifying phenomena—the eruption of volcanoes.

American Educational Products Pyramath Card Game Products for Science Education

Helps students learn and identify numerals in different languages.

American Educational Products Koontz™ — The Teetering Penguin Products for Science Education

Children can build a toy all by themselves and discover the secret of keeping the penguin stable and upright.

American Educational Products Water Clock Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy.

American Educational Products Clever Catch™ Weather Ball Products for Science Education

Fun with weather and meteorology facts.

American Educational Products Fossil Identification Lab Products for Science Education

Uncover actual fossils more than 500 million years old.

American Educational Products Slide Making Kit Products for Science Education

Allows you to prepare and mount slides.

American Educational Products Microscope Cover Glasses: Squares Products for Science Education

Packed for easy dispensing; clean and ready-to-use.

American Educational Products Weathering and Erosion DVD Products for Science Education

Explores the process of weathering and erosion.