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American Educational Products Wood Splints

Helpful for demonstrating oxygen's presence and support of combustion

American Educational Products Physical Oceanography Videolab Products for Science Education

A full week of physical oceanography activities.

American Educational Products Mineral Study Kit Products for Science Education

Excellent introduction to minerals.

American Educational Products Buret Products for Science Education

High quality borosilicate glass burette with PTFE Stopcock is perfect of students.

American Educational Products Wind Turbine Products for Science Education

Exciting kit for students to build and test a fully-functional wind turbine.

American Educational Products Life Cycles Magnetic Wall Sticker Products for Science Education

Demonstrates life cycles of four different species.

American Educational Products Microslides Mechanisms for Survival Products for Science Education

Helps students to study various mechanisms for survival.

American Educational Products Digesto-Rama Products for Science Education

What happens to my food after I eat it?

American Educational Products Microslides Comparative Circulatory Systems Products for Science Education

Helps students to compare circulatory systems of different species.

American Educational Products EXPLORE WITH ME GEOLOGY™ —- Seashore Seashells Kit Products for Science Education

Starter set for young budding geologists with an interest in biology.

American Educational Products Intermediate Slide-Making Kit Products for Science Education

Provides everything students need to prepare their own slides.

American Educational Products Equilibrium Tubes Products for Science Education

An interesting way to show liquid levels are independent of shape

American Educational Products Koontz™ — Kaleidoscope Products for Science Education

Children can build a model all by themselves and discover a dazzling array of beautiful shapes and colors.

American Educational Products Teaching Tank™ Products for Science Education

There is no better way to view roots, worms or ants.

American Educational Products Videolab™ Planets: New Discoveries Products for Science Education

Discover the latest about Earth's celestial neighbors, based on the newest generation of high-tech space probes, including recent Voyager, Magellan and Galileo imagery to create an exciting visual experience.

American Educational Products Safety Pipet Filler Products for Science Education

Safely draw liquids into a pipet.