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Wizard Rocket <img src=

Wizard Rocket Products for Science Education

A high-performance rocket that flies up to 1500 ft. (457m).

Blast-Off Flight Pack <img src=

Blast-Off Flight Pack Products for Science Education

Includes engines, igniters and recovery wadding.

Estes™ Industries NC-50 Nose Cone <img src=

Estes™ Industries NC-50 Nose Cone Products for Science Education

NC-50 Nose Cones will fit the BT-50 body tubes.

Estes™ Industries BT-50 Body Tube <img src=

Estes™ Industries BT-50 Body Tube Products for Science Education

High quality spiral wound paper tube for kits using the BT-50 body tube.

Estes™ Industries Alpha III Launch Set <img src=

Estes™ Industries Alpha III Launch Set Products for Science Education

Designed with pre-colored parts and self-stick decals, you'll be ready for lift-off in under an hour. Includes the Porta-Pad II launch pad and Electron Beam launch controller. Engines and recovery wadding sold separately.

Alpha Rocket <img src=

Alpha Rocket Products for Science Education

Easy to build, rugged high performance, and parachute recovery make this the perfect rocket to get you started.

UP Aerospace™ SpaceLoft™ Rocket <img src=

UP Aerospace™ SpaceLoft™ Rocket Products for Science Education

Learn about a real sub-orbital payload rocket, then build and launch your own version of it.

Estes™ Industries Tube Marking Guide <img src=

Estes™ Industries Tube Marking Guide Products for Science Education

The tube marking guide is an easy way to mark your fin and launch lug placement. The marking guide is a must for any rocket builder.

Single Stage Engines <img src=

Single Stage Engines Products for Science Education

For use with model rockets.

Estes™ Industries Shock Cords & Mount Kit <img src=

Estes™ Industries Shock Cords & Mount Kit Products for Science Education

Contains two sizes of shock cords with mounts and instructions.

Altitrak <img src=

Altitrak Products for Science Education

Measure the maximum altitude of your rocket.

Taser™ Rocket <img src=

Taser™ Rocket Products for Science Education

Stunning rocket that's capable of subduing anything out there that's dangerous!

Estes™ Industries E Launch Controller <img src=

Estes™ Industries E Launch Controller Products for Science Education

2230 E Launch Controller is a must when launching E engine powered rockets, but can be used to launch all Estes™ engines.

Firestreak SST™ Rocket <img src=

Firestreak SST™ Rocket Products for Science Education

Soars to 350 ft. using Estes™ mini-engines.

Estes™ Industries 12 in. Parachute <img src=

Estes™ Industries 12 in. Parachute Products for Science Education

Preassembled parachute with printed two color design.

Alpha III™ Model Rocket <img src=

Alpha III™ Model Rocket Products for Science Education

A durable flier that's a true classic.

Viking™ Rocket <img src=

Viking™ Rocket Products for Science Education

A versatile high flier.