GVS Maine Nylon Syringe Filters

Compatible with acetone, methylene chloride, acetonitrile and other organic solvents

GVS Maine Glass Prefilters

With or without binders

GVS Maine ABLUO™ 25mm Syringe Filters, Sterile

Filter devices designed to provide fast and efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions

GVS Maine Nitrocellulose-Mixed Esters Syringe Filters

For sterilizing and clarifying aqueous samples up to 100mL, particulate analysis, and industrial hygiene applications

GVS Maine Magna™ Nylon Membrane Filters

Plain white nylon membranes offer low extractables, high uniformity

GVS ABLUO™ 13mm Syringe Filters, Non-sterile

Filter samples of all kinds of solutions, solvents, or gases quickly and efficiently. GVS ABLUO™ 13mm Syringe Filters, Non-sterile are available with a variety of membrane materials and pore sizes to meet specific filtration needs.

GVS Maine PCTE Filter Membranes: Plain Hydrophilic

Smooth, flat surface for even distribution in a single plane

GVS Maine Nitrocellulose Black Grid Membranes

Hydrophilic membranes that are good for particulate analysis and other microbiological applications

GVS PVDF-Plus™ Transfer Membrane

Improves detection limits for more senstive Western blots.

GVS Maine Nitrocellulose-Mixed Esters of Cellulose Membrane Filters

Uniform microporous structure has low extractables, low ash

GVS Maine MicroCaster™ Manual Microarraying System

Built-in indexing system enabling precise printing of up to 768 spots in array of 32 x 24 spots

GE Osmonics™ Polycarbonate Membrane

Ideal for particle identification by microscopy

GVS Maine Cameo PTFE Syringe Filters with Glass Prefilters: 17mm Diameter

For use with aggressive acids, bases and for degassing solvents

GVS Maine Polypropylene Syringe Filters 17mm

For aqueous and organic solvent-based samples

GVS Maine Laminated PTFE Membranes

Naturally hydrophobic, plain white membranes

GE Cameo™ PTFE Syringe Filters without Glass Prefilters

For use with aggressive acids, bases and for degassing solvents

GVS Maine ABLUO™ 13mm Syringe Filters, Sterile

Quick and efficient filtration of samples and all kind of solutions, solvents or gases

GVS Maine MicroCaster™ Pin Conditioner

Accessory for MicroCaster manual microarraying system