Walter Products

Walter Products Lung Model

Features dual model-Enlarged lung lobule and alveolus.

Walter Products Student Stereo 2X-4X Dual Illumination Microscope

Engineered for simplicity of operation, the ST Series stereo microscope provides a crisp three-dimensional erect image with a wide field of view. Simply change the magnification by turning the turret.

Walter Products Human Skin Section Model

Explains epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers of tissues in detail.

Walter Products Smooth Muscle Fiber Model

Explains microstructure in detail.

Walter Products Liver and Gall Bladder Relief Model

Highlights the vascular structure in detail.

Walter Products Torso Dust Cover

Heavy-duty dust cover that protects life-size human torso models.

Walter Products Human Ovary Model

Displays details of female reproductive organs.

Walter Products Liver Model w/Network of Vessels

Displays extensive, complex network of vessels.

Walter Products Human Shoulder Joint Model

Explains mechanics, detailed anatomy of human shoulder.

Walter Products Human Skull with Blood Vessels Model

Structurally and anatomically precise

Walter Products Dicot Flower Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to easily study the floral components and reproductive functions of flowers.

Walter Products Large Molecular Model Set Products for Science Education

For middle school through high school chemistry courses in which students learn about inorganic and organic molecules, as well as crystal molecules like graphite and diamond.

Walter Products Digital Water Baths Products for Science Education

Features high precision PID temperature controls.

Walter Products 3-Part Ear Model Products for Science Education

Shows details of the external, middle and inner ear.

Walter Products Male Genital Organ Model Products for Science Education

High quality life-size model with removable male reproductive system is excellent for further study.

Walter Products Bone Tissue Model Products for Science Education

Shows four different structures of human bones.

Walter Products Enlarged Liver Model Products for Science Education

Displays left, right, caudate and quadrate lobes of human liver.

Walter Products 2-Stage Vacuum Pump Products for Science Education

Portable, ready to operate vacuum pump.

Walter Products 13-Part Life-Size Human Leg Muscle Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to examine the deep leg muscles by removing the superficial muscles.

Walter Products 7-Part Life-Size Human Arm Muscle Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to examine the deep arm muscles by removing the superficial muscles, and locate the palmar aponeurosis in the hand.

Walter Products Skin Model From Human Scalp Section Products for Science Education

Relief model displays contrasting colors of three skin layers.