Walter Products

Walter Products Prokaryotic Cell Model Products for Science Education

Has been magnified 20,000X.

Walter Products Life-Size Human Skeleton Model with Dust Cover Products for Science Education

Life size skeleton with exclusive dust cover.

Walter Products 27-Part Half Life-Size Muscular Figure Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to examine the superficial and deep muscles, tendons, vasculature, and ligaments of the human body with ease.

Walter Products Ear Model (5 Parts) Products for Science Education

This five-part plastic model is enlarged approximately four times.

Walter Products Human Skin Model from Scalp Section Products for Science Education

This plastic model is enlarged 50x from a human scalp section.

Walter Products Elbow Joint Model Products for Science Education

This life-size model depicts the detailed anatomy of the human elbow joint and provides a great opportunity for student and patient learning. This model features the distal portion of the humerus and the proximal portions of the radius and ulna as well as the smooth articular cartilage and surrounding ligaments.

Walter Products Digital Water Baths Products for Science Education

Features high precision PID temperature controls.

Walter Products Budget Skeleton Products for Science Education

Life-size and affordable.

Walter Products Numbered Human Skull Model Products for Science Education

Numbered to help identify the key structures of the human skull. Skull sutures, fissures, foramina, and processes are drawn and clearly defined to make the anatomy of the human skull easy to teach and learn.

Walter Products Didactic Skull Model on Cervical Spine Products for Science Education

The skull is three parts and can be disassembled into the skull cap, skull base and mandible. The mandible is spring mounted to demonstrate natural movement and mounted on a stand.

Walter Products Human Fetal Skull Model Products for Science Education

Shows characteristics of prenatal development during 30th week of pregnancy.

Walter Products Life Size Human Skull Model Products for Science Education

This high quality life-size skull model is designed with precision to include extremely accurate representations of all sutures, fissures, joints, foramina, and processes. The skull cap and mandible can be removed for closer study.

Walter Products Life Size Skeleton Dust Cover Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty cover with zipper that covers and protects full-size skeletons, both hanging and pelvic mounted.

Walter Products 2-Stage Vacuum Pump Products for Science Education

Portable, ready to operate vacuum pump.

Walter Products Sexless Human Torso Model Products for Science Education

Displays respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and urinary systems, as well as musculature.

Walter Products Torso Dust Cover Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty dust cover that protects life-size human torso models.

Walter Products Life-Size Digestive System Model Products for Science Education

Illustrates human digestive system from mouth cavity to rectum.

Walter Products Full-Size Flexible Skeleton Model Products for Science Education

This full-size human skeleton has a flexible spine that can bend to mimic natural human movement

Walter Products 2-Part Circulatory System Model Products for Science Education

Ideal for learning the important descending and ascending pathways of the circulatory system of the human body.

Walter Products Male Genital Organ Model Products for Science Education

High quality life-size model with removable male reproductive system is excellent for further study.

Walter Products Full-Size Skeleton with Muscles Products for Science Education

This full-size human skeleton is a great instructional aid for teaching anatomy

Walter Products Mini Human Spinal Column Model Products for Science Education

Consists of 24 vertebrae with soft vinyl discs, sacrum, coccyx, and pelvic bones with femur heads

Walter Products Large Microscope Carrying Case Products for Science Education

Thick, reinforced, nylon built case that has padded cushioning inside and velcro straps to secure your microscope in place

Walter Products Human Skull with Blood Vessels Model Products for Science Education

Structurally and anatomically precise

Walter Products Enlarged Liver Model Products for Science Education

Displays left, right, caudate and quadrate lobes of human liver.

Walter Products Half Size Human Skeletons Products for Science Education

Wired teaching skeleton for natural movement.