Animal Enrichment Devices

Bio-Serv™ Fat Rat Hut™ Enrichment Device, Certified

Large design allows “oversize” rats an opportunity for shelter

Bio-Serv™ Mouse Hut™ Rodent Enrichment Device, Certified

Flat top surface increases floor space and provides refuge in case of cage flooding

Bio-Serv™ Mouse Igloo™ Rodent Enrichment Device, Certified Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Provides shelter and a secluded place to build a nest

Bio-Serv™ Enrichment Device, Wood Gnawing Blocks, Certified Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Made of high quality, kiln-dried hardwood

Bio-Serv™ Rodent Nesting Sheets™ Enrichment Device, Certified

Safer alternative to cotton nesting material

Bio-Serv™ Mouse Tunnels™ Rodent Enrichment Device, Certified

Helps reduce boredom and aggressive behaivor

Bio-Serv™ Rat Tunnels™ Enrichment Device, Certified

Offers rodents shelter and security

Bio-Serv™ Fast-Trac Activity Wheel, Certified

Specialized activity wheel for use with the Mouse Igloo shelter (Mfr. Nos. K3328, K3570, and K3327)

Bio-Serv™ Wire Hanger for Rat Tunnels™ Enrichment Device

Increases physical activity and usable floor space when used with Rat Tunnels enrichment device

Bio-Serv™ Certified Dumbbells

Large end knobs minimize loss through cage bars and floor slats

Bio-Serv™ Rest Stops™ Enrichment Device, Certified

Provides a comfortable resting area

Bio-Serv™ Rat Retreats™ Rodent Enrichment Device, Certified

Allows for sheltering and gnawing opportunities