Chromatography describes a variety of techniques that are used to separate a substance or mixture into its components. Many products are used during different stages of chromatography workflows, including solvents, standards, columns, vials and closures, and chromatography paper.

Each chromatography method depends on the specific application and substance, as well as the polarity of the separation media and solvent. Commonly used chromatography methods include:

Protein Purification Chromatography

  • Technique for purifying monoclonal antibodies, oligonucleotides, and other proteins
  • Includes desalting techniques, as well as the use of affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic, and size exclusion resins

Liquid Chromatography

  • Technique in which samples are within a liquid or solvent
  • Includes high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), flash chromatography, fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC), and thin layer chromatography (TLC)

Gas Chromatography

  • Technique in which samples are heated to a gaseous state
  • Well-suited for petrochemical, environmental, and industrial chemical research and testing


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Protein Purification Chromatography

Purification is fundamental to the study of proteins. To help determine protein characteristics, the Fisher Scientific channel offers desalting products, chemicals for separation, protein standards, and more. You’ll find IEX, affinity, and SEC resins from top brands as well as HPLC columns designed for protein purification and analysis.

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Liquid Chromatography

Find columns for HPLC, UHPLC, FPLC, and LC-MS applications, and for small and large molecule analysis. They come in reverse phase (C18, C8, RP-amide polar-embedded, phenyl, diol, cyano), normal phase, ionic, size exclusion, and preparatory varieties. For optimal LC system performance, consider high-quality solvents and buffers, LC calibration standards, autosampler vials, solid phase extraction cartridges, and other LC accessories.

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Gas Chromatography

GC and GC-MS capillary gas chromatography columns serve many industries, including environmental, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical. Packed GC columns and components are also available. To maximize performance, choose compatible GC accessories, including GC inlet liners, septa, syringes, vials, calibration standards, extraction solvents, and gas management products (including gas generators and pressure regulators).

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