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AC 261066, Tocris™

Chemical Name or Material: AC 261066 Assay Percent Range: >98% Molecular Formula: C17H20FNO4S Formula Weight: 353.41g/mol Synonym: 4-[4-(2-Butoxyethoxy-)-5-methyl-2-thiazolyl]-2-fluorobenzoic acid

TWS 119, Tocris™

Chemical Name or Material: TWS 119 CAS: 1507095-58-0 Assay Percent Range: >98% Molecular Formula: C18H14N4O2·2CF3CO2H Formula Weight: 546.38g/mol Synonym: 3-[[6-(3-Aminophenyl)-7H-pyrrolo[2, 3-d]pyrimidin-4-yl]oxyphenol ditrifluoroacetate

SB 366791, Tocris

Chemical Name or Material: SB 366791 Assay Percent Range: >99% Molecular Formula: C16H14ClNO2 Formula Weight: 287.75g/mol Synonym: 4'-Chloro-3-methoxycinnamanilide

A 286982, Tocris™

Chemical Name or Material: A 286982 Assay Percent Range: >99% Molecular Formula: C24H27N3O4S Formula Weight: 453.55g/mol Synonym: (2E)-1-(4-Acetyl-1-piperazinyl)-3-[4-[[2-(1-methylethyl)phenyl]thio]-3-nitrophenyl]-2-propen-1-one


Featured Products

Recombinant and Natural Bioactive Proteins

  • Tested with relevant bioassays to demonstrate biological activity
  • Refolded properly
  • Confirrmed high purity
  • Consistent from lot-to-lot
  • Contain low endotoxin levels
  • Also available as Animal-Free and GMP-grade

Application Qualified Antibodies

  • Raised against mature, full-length, and biologically-active proteins
  • Manufactured in R&D Systems laboratories
  • Validated by R&D Systems scientists for up to ten applications
  • Conjugated to an extensive selection of fluorochromes and non-fluorescent labels

Quantikine™ ELISAs

  • The most referenced ELISAs
  • Tested extensively for cross-reactivity
  • Provides accuracy, sensitivity and specificity
  • Consistent from lot-to-lot
  • Manufactured at R&D Systems for full-control over development and quality control


Luminex™ Performance and Screening Assays

Performance Assay:

  • All analytes in a given panel are optimized and tested together to ensure maximum performance for the entire panel
  • Kits undergo similar validation testing and are correlated with the Quantikine ELISA

Screening Assay:

  • Up to 100 human and 40 mouse analytes can be simultaneously profiled for ultimate flexibility
  • The most cost-effective assay for profiling multiple markers
  • The menu of analytes is rapidly expanding


Special Offers

About R&D Systems

A leading supplier of cell biology reagents with over 25 years of experience servicing the research community, R&D Systems develops and manufactures more than 95% of their products. All materials are controlled to ensure that R&D Systems meets the standards vital to delivering the highest quality products.


Tocris is a high-quality provider of biologically active, small molecules. They offer a unique collection of over 3,000 life science biological research products with strengths in neuroscience and cell signaling. The product range comprises small molecule and peptide agonists, antagonists and inhibitors, as well as controlled substances, toxins, caged compounds, fluorescent probes, screening libraries and ligand sets useful in many research areas.


Boston Biochem, Inc. is the leading global producer of ubiquitin-related research products. Boston Biochem specializes in several related product lines for ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like (UBL) proteins (e.g. Apg8, FAT10, ISG15, NEDD8, SUMO, UFM1) and associated enzymes, substrates, inhibitors and kits.