SGE™ Autosampler Syringes

Replace syringes for Agilent™ Technologies, Varian™, Perkin Elmer™, Shimadzu™, Carlo Erba™, Fisons™, CTC/Leap™, Hitachi™, and more

SGE™ SilFlow™ Deans' Switch GC Kit

Highly efficient and reliable micro fluidic platform to improve GC connectivity

SGE™ Gas Tight Syringe with Removable Needle

Ideal for sample storage, transportation and pressurizing samples prior to injection

SGE™ Replacement Needles for 0.5 - 1μL Syringes

For use with 0.5 to 1μL syringes

SGE™ SilFlow™ Deans' Switch Microchannel Device (MCD)

Specifically designed for GC-GC configurations where separations take place on a first dimension GC column and analytes of interest are further resolved on a second dimension GC column

SGE™ PAL Gas Tight Headspace Autosampler Syringes with 56mm Fixed Needle

Operates at highest temperatures. SGE PAL Gas Tight Headspace Autosampler Syringes with 56mm Fixed Needle improves analysis workflow and are specifically for use on CTC PAL and LEAP autosamplers.

SGE™ Manual Syringes For Rheodyne™ and Valco™ Valves

The injection size sets the injection volume

SGE™ SilFlow™ GC Replacement Parts

Tightened using finger force to achieve a reliable seal, even for sensitive MS systems

SGE™ Split Straight-Through GC Inlet Liners

Supplied in blister packs to prevent contamination

SGE™ GC Capillary Columns: Phenyl (equiv.) Polycarborane Siloxane

Range of columns that feature high levels of robustness, reproducibility and performance

SGE™ BP20 (WAX) Capillary Columns

Industry standard WAX columns

SGE™ Syringes with Valves

Prefitted with removable needle and valve or Luer Lock valve

SGE™ Replacement Needles for 25-500uL Syringes

Replacement Needles for 25-500uL Syringes