Fixed Eyewash and Shower Fixtures

Fisher Safety™ Faucet-Mount Eyewash Products for Science Education

Universal mount for both standard and gooseneck faucets with cold water supply.

Justrite™ Brass Faucet

Self-closing safety faucets prevents flashback of fire into drum

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Gooseneck Faucet Products for Science Education

Choose Diversified's Gooseneck Faucet for multiservice water and gas delivery.

Fisher Scientific™ Faucet-Mount Personal Eyewash Get IT Item

Outfit your workspace with the Fisher Scientific Faucet-Mount Personal Eyewash, and ideal eyeash station for laboratory applications.

Bradley™ Halo™ Eye/Face Wash with SpinTec Drench Shower

The Bradley Halo™ Eye/Face Wash with SpinTec Drench Shower delivers effective shower and eye/face washdown coverage and spray pattern.

Bradley™ Halo™ Eyewash with SpinTec™ Drench Shower

The Bradley Halo™ Eyewash with SpinTec™ Drench Shower is a space saving fixture equipped with shower providing superior washdown and even spray pattern.

Bradley™ Halo™ Pedestal-Mount Eyewash

The Bradley Halo™ Pedestal-Mount Eyewash delivers effective eye washdown coverage and spray pattern.

Bradley™ Vertical Supply Drench Shower

The Bradley Vertical Supply Drench Shower is made from impact-resistant plastic and is bright yellow of high visibility.

Bradley™ Halo™ Wall-Mount Eye/Face Wash

The Bradley Halo™ Wall-Mount Eye/Face Wash offers a high performance rinsing platform that provides rapid relief to an individual's eyes and face that have been injured by chemicals or particulate.

Bradley™ Halo™ Wall-Mount Eyewash

Save space and and delivers effective eye washdown coverage and spray pattern with the Bradley Halo™ Wall-Mount Eyewash.

Bradley™ Halo™ Swing Down Halo Eye/Face Wash

Provides rapid relief to eyes and face injured by chemicals or particulate.

Deck and Wall-Mount Side Swing Eyewash Products for Science Education

Exceeds minimum water flow of 0.4 GPM at 30psi.

Bradley™ Deck Mount Side Swing Eyewash

With the Bradley Deck Mount Side Swing Eyewash, you can provide rapid relief to eyes injured by chemicals or particulates.

Bradley™ Frost Proof Wall-Mounted Eyewash Unit

Hand operated by a large, highly visible stainless-steel push handle

Fisherbrand™ EyeSafe™ Faucet-Mounted Eyewash

Converts any faucet into an emergency eye wash station

Fisherbrand™ Emergency Showers Products for Science Education

Deliver 30 gpm (113.5L/min.) at 30psi.

EZ Faucet™ Infrared Sensor Faucet Adapter

Turns any existing faucet into an automatic, touch-free faucet

Haws™ Haws™ Freezeproof Emergency Station

Stays ready for emergency use in freezing temperatures

Encon™ Stay-Open Ball Valve Drench Shower

Encon Stay-Open Ball Valve Drench Shower provides workers with quick access to showering during an emergency.

Encon™ Wall-Mount Eye Wash

For emergency use, outfit your workspace with the Encon Wall-Mount Eye Wash.

Haws™ Emergency Shower/Eye and Face Wash Station

Designed for easy maintenance, durability, and corrosion resistance, the Haws Emergency Shower/Eye and Face Wash Station is a sound addtion to any workplace that puts workers in potential danger.

Encon™ Yello-Bowl™ Pedestal-Mount Fountain Eyewashes

Provides first-aid treatment for hazardous material exposure