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Innovating Science™ Water Testing Kits Products for Science Education

For testing various parameters of water samples in lab setting or in field.

Aldon™ Innovating Science™ LyoQuick Freeze Dried Bacteria Cultures Products for Science Education

Easy to use lyophillized bacterial cultures for use in classroom for educational purposes. Innovating Science™ LyoQuick Freeze Dried Bacteria Cultures, eliminates several steps required for rehydration of freeze-dried cultures, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Innovating Science™ Urinalysis Using Simulated Urine Products for Science Education

One of the oldest medical diagnostic tests performed.

EZ Prep Chemicals (A-M) Products for Science Education

Capsules are pre-measured to make a chemical solution.

EZ Prep Chemicals (N-Z) Products for Science Education

Capsules are pre-measured to make a chemical solution.

Oscillating Reactions: Yellow to Blue and Back Products for Science Education

See the colors change before your eyes.

AP Chemistry Kits: How Long Will That Marble Statue Last? Products for Science Education

Observe and measure the evolution of carbon dioxide gas from the decomposition of calcium carbonate when mixed with an acid.

Innovating Science Cellular Respiration Kit Products for Science Education

What Sugar Does Yeast Like Best?

Innovating Science™ AP Chemistry Kits: Le Chatelier's Principle Products for Science Education

In this experiment, see Le Chatelier's Principle by observing physical changes to solutions as systems are stressed.

AP Chemistry Kits: Beer's Law and the Rate Law of Crystal Violet Products for Science Education

Determine the rate law for the reaction of crystal violet and sodium hydroxide.

Innovating Science™ Forensic Drug and Poison Analysis: Chemistry and Toxicology Educational Kit Products for Science Education

To learn the difference between forensic chemistry and forensic toxicology. Innovating Science Forensic Drug and Poison Analysis: Chemistry and Toxicology Educational Kit, helps students to perform presumptive chemical tests on drugs and poisons, identify unknown samples based on chemical test results and examine urine for evidence of heavy metal poisoning using chromatography.

Innovating Science™ Introduction to Mendelian Genetics Kits Products for Science Education

In this activity, students can simulate Mendel's work and determine patterns of inheritance.

Aldon™ Neomycin Disks Products for Science Education

Determines antibiotic susceptibility of microorganisms.

Innovating Science™ AP Chemistry Kits: Ester Formation Products for Science Education

Combines various alcohols with acetic and butyric acids to form esters, which are identifiable by their distinctive odors.

AP Chemistry Kits: Beer's Law — Concentration and Transmitted Light Products for Science Education

Demonstrates concentrations of chemicals and absorbance of light through an investigational study using food dyes.

Aldon™ Innovating Science™ Cereal Grass Medium Products for Science Education

For culturing protozoa (rhizopods, choanoflagellates, ciliates and flagellates).

Organic Chemistry: Chemical Identification of Biomolecules Products for Science Education

Understand the importance of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in living organisms.

Innovating Science™ AP Chemistry Kits: Equilibrium Constant Products for Science Education

To determine the equilibrium constant for the formation of a colored species.

AP Chemistry Kits: Designing a Hand Warmer Products for Science Education

Study the various energy changes that occur with the formations of solutions for laboratory salts.

Innovating Science™ Microbiology Science Fair Kit Products for Science Education

Enables students to grow their own bacteria by swabbing various surfaces in the classroom.

Innovating Science™ Document Analysis: Comprehensive Lab Activities Educational Kit Products for Science Education

Designed to introduce students to the field of document analysis. Innovating Science Document Analysis: Comprehensive Lab Activities Educational Kit, cover the areas of paper analysis, hand writing analysis, detection of a forgery, recovery of mechanical/chemical erasures, hidden message discovery and ink analysis.

Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Kit Products for Science Education

Classify blood based on the presence or absence of erythrocytes on the surface of red blood cells.

Innovating Science™ Universal Mini Chemical Spill Kit Products for Science Education

Be prepared for spills in your lab. Universal sorbent eliminates guesswork — safe for use on all chemicals except hydrofluoric acid.

Innovating Science™ Acid Rain and Environment: Acidity and Plant Grow Kit Products for Science Education

In this activity, students will examine detrimental effects of acidic conditions on plants.

Microscope Slide-Making Kit Products for Science Education

Make your own slides in your lab or classroom.

Blood Typing Kits with Simulated Blood Products for Science Education

Determine the ABO or ABO/Rh blood type of four unknown samples.


Featured Products

Accurate, Dependable Hair Analysis


Innovating Science™ Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis Kit

Students will discover the differences between human and animal hair as well as those among different types of human hair.

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Easily Perform Forensic Chemistry Tests


Innovating Science Forensic Chemistry of Drug Detection Kit

Everyone who ate chili in the school cafeteria became ill — could someone have tainted it? Students experiment to see if any of the chili ingredients could have been substituted with aspirin, which appears to have been stolen from the office of the school nurse.

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Better, Faster Identification Results


Blood Splatter Kit

For crime scene investigation and criminal identification based on bloodstains.

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About Aldon Corporation

Beginning in 1964, Aldon is celebrating over 50 years of experience in custom blending and packaging of chemicals for the educational, laboratory and industrial market. With over 7,000 laboratory chemicals to meet your entire laboratory needs, each chemical includes a GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheet, labeling and a five-color storage system.

Aldon Corporation manufactures educational kits for a variety of scientific fields. Categories include AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Science, Green Chemistry, Life Science, Consumer Science, General Chemistry, Microchemistry fields and more.  Aldon continues to develop new products to go beyond the needs of a science classroom and the curiosity of students and teachers.