Simulaids, Inc.

Simulaids™ IV Training Arm and Hand

Designed for practice in giving IVs

Simulaids™ Trauma Moulage Kit

Enhance your speed and expertise in dealing with trauma patients

Simulaids™ Adult Brad™ CPR Training Mannequin

Economical CPR manikin constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam

Simulaids™ Rescue Randy Combat Challenge and I.A.F.F. Manikins

Official manikin of the Firefighter Combat Challenge

Simulaids™ Water Rescue Manikins

Used for water rescue trainings

Simulaids™ Economy Adult Sani-Manikin

Designed with the instructor in mind — no cleaning, disinfecting or disassembly required

Simulaids™ Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit

Ideal for terrorist-small-arms-attack response exercises

Simulaids™ Adam Basic Training Torso

Lightweight, portable manikin built for long-lasting use

Simulaids™ Defibrillation/CPR Trainer

For demonstration and practice of defibrillation and CPR training

Simulaids™ Rescue Randy Manikin

Developed for lifelike adult or juvenile victim handling, transportation, and extrication training

Simulaids™ Adult Airway Management Trainer Torso

Features anatomical landmarks including sternum, rib cage and substernal notch

Simulaids™ Replacement Parts for Brad™ CPR Manikin

Easy to manipulate for stimulating airway obstruction or choking situations

Simulaids™ Complete ALS Full-Body Trainer

Use with manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators

Simulaids™ Adult Training Manikin, Brad Products for Science Education

Realistic adult torso manikin for CPR training.

Simulaids™ Child/Infant CPR Manikins Products for Science Education

Practice on these baby and child manikins to gain real-life skills.

Simulaids™ Original CPR Newborn Manikins Products for Science Education

Air-filled, but can be filled with water to simulate the weight and feel of real children.