Fingerstick Lancing Devices

Roche™ Diagnostics ACCU-CHEK™ Safe-T-Pro™ Lancets Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Designed with Safe-T-Wings tabs for patient and user protection from reuse or accidental contact

BD™ Microtainer™ Contact-Activated Lancet

Designed with a positive patient experience in mind. BD™ Microtainer™ Contact-Activated Lancet facilitates a consistent puncture depth and accurate positioning to minimize the likelihood of having to repeat the puncture. Features an ergonomic grip and automatic lancet retraction.

BD Ultrafine™ Lancets

Sterile, single-use

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Safety Lancets

Feature unique Comfort Zone™ technology that allows ultimate control and comfort when lancing

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Single-Use Safety Lancets

Unique design features a side release button and pre-set lancet speed to ensure maximum comfort for patient and healthcare worker

Smith Medical Saf-T-Lance™ Safety Lancets

Retractable safety technology for capillary blood sampling

Terumo™ Capiject™ Safety Lancets

High-quality, single-use lancets available in two formats: blades or needles

Medipurpose™ Surgilance™ Safety Lancet

Convenient and safe lancet for micro blood sampling

Owen Mumford Unilet™ ComforTouch™ Lancets

Designed to work with capillary lancing devices to provide a more comfortable blood sampling experience

MediPurpose™ Safety Lancet

Safety needle or blade lancet is safely concealed before and after use

HTL Strefa Medlance™ Safety Lancets

Available in five different color-coded versions to meet specific blood sample size applications and address the variety of skin types

HTL Strefa Acti-Lance Safety Lancets

Available in three color-coded models to meet specific blood sample applications and address the variety of patient skin types

ITC Tenderlett™ Fingerstick Incision Device

Contoured to minimize skin indentation because it matches the shape of the finger

Bayer™ Glucolet™ 2 Automatic Lancing Devices

Bedside glucose testing device allows for unobtrusive capillary blood sampling

Bayer™ Single-Let™ Lancing Device Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Designed for less tissue trauma, while providing sufficient sample volume

Bayer™ MICROLET™ Automatic Lancing Device

Using advanced technology for precise, guided lancet delivery

Fisherbrand™ Unistik™ 2 Disposable Fingerstick Lancet Devices

Ideal for eliminating accidental needlesticks during capillary sampling

Fisherbrand™ Safety Lancets

Built-in needle control depth (1.8mm) for consistent and accurate sampling results

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 2 Single Use Safety Lancets

Three models, providing different levels of blood flow for sampling a complete range of test areas

Owen Mumford Autolet™ II Clinisafe and Autolet Lite Clinisafe Automatic Lancet Devices

Features easy ejection of both lancet and platform after each sample

Lifescan™ OneTouch™ UltraSoft™ Lancets

For acquiring samples for blood glucose testing

LifeScan™ OneTouch™ SureSoft™ Lancing Devices

Single-use, electropolished lancets provide smoother, more comfortable entry than acid-washed needles

Lifescan™ OneTouch™ Penlet™ Plus Adjustable Blood Sampler

Adjustable depth settings for obtaining blood samples