Fingerstick Lancing Devices

BD Microtainer™ Contact-Activated Lancet

Designed with a positive patient experience in mind. BD™ Microtainer™ Contact-Activated Lancet facilitates a consistent puncture depth and accurate positioning to minimize the likelihood of having to repeat the puncture. Features an ergonomic grip and automatic lancet retraction.

Smiths Medical Safe-T-Lance™ Safety Lancets

Smiths Medical Safe-T-Lance™ Safety Lancets with retractable safety technology for capillary blood sampling

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Single-Use Safety Lancets

Unique design features a side release button and pre-set lancet speed to ensure maximum comfort for patient and healthcare worker

HTL Strefa Acti-Lance Safety Lancets

Available in three color-coded models to meet specific blood sample applications and address the variety of patient skin types

Accriva Diagnostics Tenderlett™ Fingerstick Incision Device

Contoured to minimize skin indentation because it matches the shape of the finger

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Safety Lancets

Feature unique Comfort Zone™ technology that allows ultimate control and comfort when lancing

MediPurpose™ SurgiLance™ Lite Safety Lancet

MediPurpose™ SurgiLance™ Lite safety lancets for capillary blood collection fingerstick users have an eco-friendly design that is ideal for small hands

MediPurpose™ Safety Lancet

Safety needle or blade lancet is safely concealed before and after use

Terumo™ Capiject™ Safety Lancets

High-quality, single-use lancets available in two formats: blades or needles

Roche Diagnostics Accu-Chek™ Safe-T-Pro Uno Lancets

Designed to reduce the spread of infection and meet the latest safety requirements while minimizing pain for patients. Roche Diagnostics™ Accu-Chek™ Safe-T-Pro Uno Lancets are suitable for all blood sample needs.

HTL Strefa Medlance™ Safety Lancets

Available in five different color-coded versions to meet specific blood sample size applications and address the variety of skin types

HTL-Strefa ErgoLance Micro Flow Lancet

Sterile, single-use devices designed for the sampling of capillary blood from the fingertip of patients.


A single use, sterile safety lancet for micro-blood sampling. This device aims to provide its user with minimal pain in its piercing operation, and can be utilized in conjunction with blood glucose testing devices.

BD Sentry™ Safety Lancet

Allows for quick and safe blood collection from the fingertip

Germaine™ Laboratories AimStrip™ Plus Lancing Device

Germaine™ Laboratories AimStrip™ Plus Lancing Device assists in obtaining blood samples.

MediPurpose™ SurgiLance™ Lite Safety Lancets

Ideal for users with small hands.

Owen Mumford™ Unilet™ ComforTouch™ Lancets

Designed to work with capillary lancing devices to provide a more comfortable blood sampling experience

Owen Mumford Unistik™ Touch Single Use Safety Lancet

Designed to make blood sampling easy for the healthcare professional and more comfortable for the patient. Touch activation ensures that the device requires minimal training and can be used in three easy steps.

MediPurpose™ SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet

MediPurpose™ SurgiLance&trade safety lancets for capillary blood collection fingerstick users

Owen Mumford Unistik™ Pro Single Use Safety Lancet

Featuring a syringe-like grip and a push-button design, Unistik™ Pro offers a reliable blood sampling solution that’s ergonomic, intuitive and affordable.