Heelstick Lancing Devices

Accriva Diagnostics Tenderfoot™ Incision Devices Edge

Tenderfoot uses the SoftSweep Incision Method where the blade makes a gentle, sweeping arc in the heel above the nerve fibers to minimize any discomfort for the baby

BD Micro-Fine™ Brand QuikHeel™ Lancet Edge

Fully automated, heel incision device for infant blood sampling

Owen Mumford™ Unistik™ 3 Dual Single-Use Safety Lancets

For high flow fingersticks and low flow heelsticks

Owen Mumford™ Lancet Kit

Dual-purpose, pocket-size neuropathy screening device provides a safe and reliable force

HTL-Strefa Acti-Lance Baby Safety Heelstick

Sterile, single-use safety lancets are push-button activated medical devices used to perform finger pricks to collect micro samples of capillary blood.

Smiths Medical Neoheel™ Safety Lancets

Smiths Medical Neoheel™ Safety Lancets for collecting quality blood samples from newborns