Cell Based Assays

Alfa Aesar™ Eicosapentaenoyl PAF C-16, 98%

1.0% in ethanol with 0.1% BHT as a stabilizer

Thermo Scientific™ iuvo™ Microchannel 5250 plate

Quantitatively measure cell motility in 2D or 3D cell cultures using this microchannel plate.

Alfa Aesar™ Aphidicolin

A DNA polymerase inhibitor, blocks the cell cycle at the early S-phase

Thermo Scientific™ iuvo™ Chemotaxis Assay Plate

Study chemotaxis or neutrophil migration toward a chemical gradient using Thermo Scientific™ iuvo™ Chemotaxis Assay Plate, with a unique channel design to create a chemical gradient.

Alfa Aesar™ TAPI-2

A hydroxamate-based inhibitor of MMPs and TACE

Alfa Aesar™ Domoic Acid

Reported to be a potent glutamate agonist

Alfa Aesar™ ZM-336372

A potent and specific inhibitor of the protein kinase c-Raf

Alfa Aesar™ Ionomycin, 98%

Highly selective and potent calcium ionophore