Consumer Science

LaMotte™ Aquaponics Kit

LaMotte™ Aquaponics test kit monitors basic water quality for both the aquaculture and hydroponics segments of your system

LaMotte™ COD Multi-Range Reagent Systems Vials

Lamotte™ Chemical oxygen demand reagent systems are an easy and precise way to measure critical COD levels.

LaMotte™ Hydroponics 4-Way Test Kit

Lamotte™ Hydroponics 4-Way Tesk Kit offers tests for pH and three key nutrient factors: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Fisher Science Education™ Pack of Yeast Products for Science Education

Consumable used in the science classroom or with ktis.

Fisher Science Education™ Baking Soda for Science Kits Products for Science Education

Consumable used with multiple projects and in science kits.

Fisher Science Education™ Epsom Salt for Science Kits Products for Science Education

Consumable used in multiple projects and with science kits.

Fisher Science Education™ Food Coloring in Dropper Bottles for Science Kits Products for Science Education

Consumable used with multiple projects and in science kits.

Innovating Science™ Soaps and Detergents Products for Science Education

Examine similarities and differences in soaps and detergents.

Innovating Science™ Student Bacteria Science Kit Products for Science Education

This kit contains materials for students to use in investigating bacteria in their environment. Innovating Science™ Student Bacteria Science Kit teaches studentsproper microbiological techniques.

Innovating Science™ Luminol Blend - For Forensic Detection of Blood Products for Science Education

Innovating Science™ Luminol Blend - For Forensic Detection of Blood does not require a separate hydrogen peroxide catalyst.

EISCO Bursting Bottle Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the anomalous expansion of water on freezing. EISCO Bursting Bottle are constructed from cast iron.

Kemtec™ Toothpaste Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Study physical and chemical composition of toothpaste.

Kemtec™ Shampoo Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Students examine different brands of shampoo and choose between products based on their own scientific and economic evaluations.

Innovating Science™ Properties of Antacids Products for Science Education

Investigate the more common active components in over-the-counter antacids.

Lab-Aids™ Cheese-Making Kit Products for Science Education

Make cheese using enzymatic process.

Innovating Science™ Properties of Shampoo Products for Science Education

Tests several properties of different shampoos.

Innovating Science™ Fractional Distillation Products for Science Education

Ideal for studying topics such as boiling and condensation points, conservation of matter. Innovating Science™ Fractional Distillation is a fractional distillation experiment to simulate the fractionation of crude oil.

Innovating Science™ Chemistry - Investigating Your World ACS Kit Products for Science Education

Developed by the American Chemical Society through grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. Innovating Science™ Chemistry - Investigating Your World ACS Kit gets students to investigate chemical changes and how

Innovating Science™ Soil Analysis Earth Science Products for Science Education

Innovating Science™ Soil Analysis Earth Science kit will teach students the skills needed to properly conduct soil composition tests as well as allow them to collect and evaluate local soil samples.

Innovating Science™ Geology Time Scale Poster Products for Science Education

Ideal visual aid for teaching geology events. Innovating Science™ Geology Time Scale Poster shows major evolutionary events from 4.5 Billion Years Ago to present.

Lab-Aids™ Household Chemicals: Better by Design (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Students explore their knowledge and attitudes about chemicals and chemical use. Lab-Aids™ Household Chemicals: Better by Design (Developed by SEPUP) allows for assessment of students in a variety of ways that measure their ability to design and conduct independent investigations.

Innovating Science™ Elephant Toothpaste Products for Science Education

A visually stimulating classroom demonstration. Innovating Science™ Elephant Toothpaste shows the effects of a catalyst on a chemical reaction.

Innovating Science™ Chromatography of Amino Acids Products for Science Education

Innovating Science™ Chromatography of Amino Acids is a hands-on activity paper chromatography experiment to identify unknown components of mixtures.

Innovating Science™ Acids, Bases and the pH Scale Products for Science Education

Learn about the properties of acids and bases, the role of hydrogen and hydroxide ions and the nature of the pH scale.

Innovating Science™ Mohs Hardness Test Products for Science Education

Students develop vital skills that will help them throughout their studies in earth science. Innovating Science™ Mohs Hardness Test allows students to become familiar with Mohs hardness scale.

Innovating Science™ Small Group Learning: Science In The Kitchen Products for Science Education

This comprehensive kit incorporates a variety of scientific techniques all themed around common kitchen materials.

Innovating Science™ Science in the Kitchen Products for Science Education

Incorporates a variety of scientific techniques, all themed around common kitchen materials.

Innovating Science™ Density: Lava Lamp Products for Science Education

Make your own lava lamp while learning. Innovating Science™ Density: Lava Lamp is ideal for teaching the concepts of denisty.

Innovating Science™ Separation of a Mixture of Solids Products for Science Education

Performing liquid-liquid extractions allows students to apply their knowledge of the properties of molecules. Innovating Science™ Separation of a Mixture of Solids teaches students will learn how the properties of solubility can be utilized to separ