Fisher Scientific Exclusive Flow Cytometry Products and More

Fisher Scientific Exclusive Flow Cytometry Products and More

BD Biosciences Flow Cytometers and Single-Cell Multiomics Instruments distributed exclusively through the Fisher Scientific channel — complemented by BD reagents and ELISA kits and reagents from other sources — can help streamline your workflows, deliver more reliable results, and rapidly reveal new insights.


Characterize, Detect, and Quantify Brochure (PDF, 3.8 MB)

Get details about flow cytometers, single-cell multiomics instruments, reagents, and more.


High Performance, Reliability, and Reproducibility

Characterize blood and tissue cells with BD Flow Cytometers and Single-Cell Multiomics Instruments.

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Enable More Flexible Panel Design

BD Horizon RealYellow™ 586 (RY586) Reagents contain fluorochromes excited primarily by the 561 nm yellow-green laser. They’re as bright as phycoerythrin (PE), but with less cross-laser excitation.

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Perform Single and Multiplex Immunoassays

Detect and quantify antibodies, cytokines, peptides, proteins, and more with ELISA kits, substrates, and reagents for a variety of immunoassay procedures.

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